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How Clingy is too clingy?

especially if your way of communicating isn't working with you, so you try alot of different things, and then all of asudden it all works, and he gets like a billion messages. but i wasn't being clingy, i just care about him, and i want to talk to him, but not in a billion ways. just one. and now i look clingy


we're dating, and he's off in LA for a volleyball tournament with an ex.

so, im kinda worried that something will happen in the three days that they are there in a hotel.

but at the same time, i know he deserves his space, and i trust him.

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    yea cligyness is a major turn off! guys need their own space more then girls. only msg him if you really have something to say or just a friendly hello hows your day, i was thinking about you cuz i care. dont go overboard on that though.

    if you back off a bit and let everything cool down. explain to him that you've noticed you have been acting clingy and that's not how you are at all. you just really care about him, thats all.

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    Tell him what happened that all messages came in at once and that you didn't want to look like a stalker. Then back away.

    If you say you are not clingy, then it will show in your actions.

    If he likes the messages, then there's nothing to worry about. Just know that there is a line between annoying and clingy..

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    Being clingy is not a good thing even by accident. Send him a message and say how it happened, anyway you are supposed to let the guy chase after you, not be to anxious and try not to put your hands on people, into their personal space. Be a lady, there aren't many of us around anymore. Ladies are cool, calm and collected-----at any age. Guys like that in a girl.

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    if you have to ask, it means that you're probably too clingy. Just saying. I think that once you have opened up the lines of communication, the ball is in his court. Give him time to talk to you. Don't worry =)

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    2 clingy is when a girl/guy wants to be with the person 24/7. wont stop calling ever 5 seconds and when they want to be alone or hang out with their buddy's (and some of their buddys could be girls) they dont want them to hang out with them to long or interupt their time with them. and its really bad, shows that person doesnt have much to do with their free time, possibly co-dependent.

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    I like clingy

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    if really billion then u way ahead then to clingy

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    it really depends on the guy

    but i can understand your concern, even if you do trust him

    explain what happened to him, but other than that, it sounds like you've answered your own question

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    l guess it depends on what he wants from you as well.

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