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The doctor said Scoliosis doesn't cause back pain... then why does it hurt so badly?

I have been diagnosed with scoliosis.

I got an appointment because I have very bad pains in my back, especially in my lower back, and my left side ribs hurt really bad, and never my right side.

I asked the doctor, and he said "Scoliosis doesn't cause back pain".

Then why do I feel so much pain in the areas my spine is twisted?

What can I do to stop the pain, or lessen the intensity?

Please help, I am so confused.

Update 2:

Oh, I forgot to add, my left ribs are sticking out strangely in front, and my right ribs are normal.

Sometimes it makes it a little harder to run, or breathe heavily.

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    First you do not say how old you are? Second your scoliosis is mild as they have not given you an degree of curvature. Therefore you can do something about it. Age is important because the younger you are, the easier it will be to correct. You need PT and you need to learn Pilate's. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and Scoliosis, but I started Pilate's, one hour a week for nine months. After the first class I felt like throwing the towel in, I was wrecked, but I kept at it. I learned all the techniques, learned about muscles and how the deep muscles keep the spine in the correct alignment. So once I started learning and improving my muscle mass, realigned my posture, many of my problems vanished. Now I just wish someone had introduced me to Pilate's when I was a teenager, although 30+ years ago, doubt anyone knew about Pilate's. I some how managed to go through beginners class, into intermediate class in the nine months and they then wanted me to go into the advanced class. Yeah right, healthy fit teenagers, half the football team and little old me, who are you kidding? No way I would be able to keep up with the professionals. Now I just do my one hour a week here at home, keeps me fit and keeps my posture correct. Best of Luck

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    You definitely need to see a different doctor. It seems likely that the second vertebrae above your hip bone is angled enough that it might be pinching a nerve, and there might not be much of a disc left there either. There isn't much of anything you can do to stop the pain if it is caused by the spine compressing a nerve. There are operations that can fix this. It might be worthwhile finding a clinic that specializes in spines and getting an MRI. A doc really can't tell much about pain problems from an x-ray; an MRI shows soft tissues and would show if nerves are getting compressed. When scoliosis is severe enough that the ribs are at an odd angle, people commonly have back pain and difficulty breathing - getting this fixed should reduce pain and prevent worse spine problems later in life.

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    Stop carrying heavy book backpacks if you are doing that. Stop doing any movement that is heavier to one side than the other.

    The doctor should be trying to find out what is causing the pain. If it is not from the scoliosis, then what IS causing it. Any pain above the waist can be a sign of a heart attack. Or it could be just "stitches" or rib muscles being pulled after exercising (like running). Left side is your stomach and pancreas too.

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    It would more likely be a kidney infection than a bladder infection, I would think. I don't think you usually find back pain with a bladder infection. But with a kidney infection it will be off to the side (right about where love handles start) and will be very sore and very tender. You might also want to try out a chiropractor. While I don't believe a lot of their philosphies (curing cancer and the like) they can be really good at getting all your bones in line and ultimately putting less stress on your back muscles. (Ive been in chiropractic care since age 11 due to a congenital back problem...) Good luck, I hope you feel better.

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    Scoliosis is the curve of your spine and yes, it can be painful especially for young students with heavy book packs. My medical studies and books could hardly be lifted, let alone carried. I thought some days I was going to die in pain.

    Try a carrier with wheels. Try a different way to carry objects.

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    doctor scoliosis pain hurt badly

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