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Bicycles for exercise, what are good brands & styles?

As an attempt to lose weight I have decided that DF and I are going to purchase bicycles and bike the long open roads in our town.

I have no clue where to start, the last bike I owned was in middle school and cost somewhere around $113.

What are good bikes to use for exercise? Also I will need a child attachment seat for our one year old.

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    1. Your Budget?

    Since u probably wont answer in time, I'm going to assume the usual reasonable range of 400 - 700CAD for a NEW bicycle which is the easiest, wisest recommendation.

    2. In N. America, Giant(Taiwan), Norco(Canada-based), Specialized(US) and Trek(US) (alphabtcal ordr) are indeed the major, excellent, reputable brands for your needs. On paper, overall, Giant will probably have the best value.

    3. Yes, there are "fitness bikes" aka "performance-hybrids":

    Giant FCR series: FCR 3 500CAD

    Norco VFR series: VFR 5 or 6 same price point.

    Specialized Sirrus series: Sirrus, Sirrus Sport(?)

    Trek FX series: 7.1, 7.2

    However, you may just need/want a "normal" more comfort-oriented Hybrid:

    Giant Cypress R: 400CAD, Cypress w suspension closer to 500CAD

    Trek 7100: same price point.

    All above bicycles are child seat, rack and fender compatible.

    "buy a bike that appeals to you. one that will make you want to ride and just get out there." - neruegel1

    I agree! Dont b afraid to have colour/style/the way it looks be a factor. It cannot b easily changed so pick one that you personally "like"!

    Buy from a reputable independent bicycle dealer (w a goodmechanic) that you personally trust and "like" bc you'll likely b dealing w them long-term.

    Have fun shopping and riding! :)


    PS what's "DF"? I personally ride a 2007 Norco VFR 5 by choice, as a daily performance city bike. ;)

    Source(s): Personal experience as a lifetime, 4-season road rider and 8+yrs in bicycle retail. giant-bicycles.com konaworld.com norco.com specialized.com trekbikes.com
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    I don't know what your roads are like, but a great start would be to look at a hybrid. Hybrids have small travel forks and generally thinner faster rolling tyres than mountain bikes. They also sometimes have allen key adjustable suspension seatposts. All these help iron out the bumps in the road.

    These bikes can also carry child seats.

    The price for a quality hybrid would be around $400.

    Always be sure that the bike has genuine shimano parts(gears and brakes etc.).

    All this will help ensure you have a great, hassle-free time on the bike.

    A great brand that is worth checking out is "Specialized"


    Source(s): www.specialized.com
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    At 280 lbs you have many judgements. a million. in the beginning, do no longer enable everyone convey you down. the only those that could make relaxing of you're no longer probable cyclists and don't belong in this talk board. you will desire to be pleased with your self for eager to get accessible and experience. it is extra helpful than maximum can say. biking rather is an superb form of workout. 2. the two Trek and great make somewhat some motorcycles (Hybrids, Mountain motorcycles) which you will decide on between. My advice could be to pass on your interior of reach motorbike save (you're superb suited approximately no longer likely to Walmart/ok-Mart etc. There motorcycles are poorly made and the have not got knowledgeable team to help extra healthful you) and characteristic them extra healthful you to a motorbike. enable them to nicely known how a lot you opt for to spend. each so often you will detect form new 2005 and 2006 fashions for a lot extra low value then a 2007. I understand being on a cost selection, yet once you will no longer be able to have sufficient funds a motorbike that suits you properly, take it sluggish and save up. it is going to truly be rather worth it interior the tip. you will get a extra soft motorbike which will final you an prolonged time. 3. have relaxing! reliable success!

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    when i started riding bikes as an adult. i just picked the one with the coolest color pattern happened to be a klien. I been out riding with the mountain bike clubs seen many people buy these super expensive bikes ride them for a month then quit. california thing I guess.

    buy a bike that appeals to you. one that will make you want to ride and just get out there. there is no specific bike to exercise on

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    I agree with that other guy, but you don't have to have only shimano part; Sram makes very good quality stuff too. In addition to specialized, which is a very nice company, Giant Bicycles make very good bikes for any type of riding.

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