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AP Calculus: Hard or super hard?

Does anyone know how hard AP Calculus AB & BC are? How stressful is the course load?

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    AP Calculus BC is extremely hard. but if youre really good at math, you should do just fine. the class is alot of work. you have to cover twice as much material as the ppl taking AB calc so you have to work twice as fast. the AP exam is hard but graded on a more generous curve. about 40% of the ppl get a 5.

    AP Calculus AB is pretty easy. you only have to cover a semester of college level calclulus in a year so its pretty chill. most people take this class. its much easier. the AP exam is easier because you only have to know half the stuff as the BC people. but since the test is so easy, the curve is harsh.

    you should take BC calc. even if youre not good at math. trust me. when you get to college, you ll be glad that you did. chances are, you'll be so much ahead of the game that you dont have to take math in college. and you wanna know something funny? after the AP exam, my BC calc class was chilling in the computer lab playing video games while the AB people were working hard learning the BC stuff. suckers

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    I would say that AP Calculus is a pretty big course load, If you took precalc its probably a little more than that. Really depends on how good the teacher is tho. I took AP Calc with a great Highschool teacher, got an A, then Calc in College and got a D first time around, so it really does depend. Make sure you have a good calculator and are willing to do the homework and you will do great.

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    I'm in AP calc and to be honest, it depends on how much effort you put into it. I have a low 90's grade and I've always been pretty decent at math. I often get help, at least 2 times a week at the least whether its going in during my lunchtime or after school, or study hall. It is only hard if you don't put any effort in it, but getting help really affects your grade. I don't think its horrible as I had heard, but it definitely takes work.

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    I thought that the AP Course would be hard, but my pre-calc teacher told me I'd do fine, and I've not found it to be extremely difficult. However, my classmates find it hard and stressful. You should ask your current teacher what he or she thinks. It all depends how much you understand and appreciate math.

    Good luck with your decision. :)

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    Hard is relative. To some, some things are hard; to others they're easy. Course load is also relative. Some can handle a big load; others can't. You can't know your limits without exceeding them. Start with what you might judge a light load would be and go from there.

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