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can you use dandruff shampoo on dogs?

ive seen some like scabbing on my dogs back and only his back, maybe the lower part of his neck. it looks dandruff-ish almost. even if it doesnt work is it okay. maybe if you have had the same problem some help would be great. its a standard schnauzer.

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    You should never use human products on your dog with out first consulting a vet.. Call your vet and see what they recommend.

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    I would take it to the vet. Sounds like a more Skin related problem then a dandruff issue.

    Please don't use human shampoo on you dogs, because dogs have a different Ph balance then we do, and the shampoo will really dry out their skin more so then Doggy shampoo will.

    If you have a pet food store in you area, what could also help is a product called "Grizzly Salmon Oil" And what it is is a balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6, that's in an oil form (from fish) and you would take this oil and put in on your dogs food, and as he eats his food with the salmon Oil on it, in a month or so you should see great improvement in his overall skin and coat.

    What it should feel like is soft and smooth, no dander, and his coat will be all glossy and shinny from the consumption of the Salmon Oil. At Least in a Terrier I would look for manageable coat (no dander) and at least down by his skin it should feel smooth.

    But first contact your Vet and see if it's not a larger issue! :)

    Good luck!

    Ps: Here's a link to where I work, thee salmon oil is in the Supplements area, Or just search for Grizzly Salmon Oil. They even have them as treats. :)

  • Laurie
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    No. Human shampoo is not PH balanced for a dogs skin and coat. Not only will the dandruff get worse it will cause intense itching and more sores. Check your dog for fleas or insect bites, possibly from ants. When the weather is colder, many house pets get dry skin. When it starts to warm up the skin will produce more oils. Have a vet look at the scabs to make sure the dog does not have a skin infection. If clear, purchase a dog shampoo for dry skin or have the dog groomed.

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    You don't want to use people shampoo on dogs. Are shampoo will dry out the dogs skin and cause sever skin problems. Rather if you dog does have flaking skin and is itching try an oatmeal bath, or coal tar bath. You can find some of these shampoos at PETCO, also after the shampoo spray a dog conditioner on the dog and that will help keep the skin moisturiezed. If it persist (the skin problem) you should consult your vet. Some skin flaking is due to allergies to food.

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    There are some places where you can get specialty shampoos for dogs such as dandruff shampoo, but DO NOT USE PEOPLE SHAMPOO ON YOUR PUPPY!!! Their skin is too sensitive for it!!!! Just check your local pet store, and if they have nothing their, consult your vet to see if there is a prescription solution to your puppy's problem.

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  • bob ©
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    do not use dandruff shampoo or any other human shampoo on your dog. if your dog has a skin condition the best person to ask about it is your vet.

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    if it looks dandruff-ish on a dog, it's highly possible they have mites that cause mange.

    Take the dog to the vet for an inspection because mange is very bad!

    Never use people shampoo or conditioners on dogs because they contain a LOT of horrible chemicals that dogs can barely take and makes their skin condition even worse.

    my dog got mites that cause mange on her lower back and we were given a special shampoo to use on her and it made the rough spots and scabbing go away.

    so, basically,

    take your dog to your vet for an inspection

    and use dog shampoo.

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    No you shouldn't. Vet will advise ppl to use them in special cases. Schnauzers have their own particular dermatitis which sounds like what your dog has. Try a good hypo shampoo & use a rubber brush like zoom groom to brush before the bath & then to massage shampoo in. Tell your groomer to do the same & check the type of shampoo they are using. Do not use oatmeal - it will not help you in this case & usually isn't right for terriers.

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    My dog suffers from to much oil in his skin and develops yellow scabs, mostly down the centre of his coat where his hair is thick. Vet reccomended a shampoo wit exactly the same ingredients as nutrogena, we will be using T-gel also going to try and get the aveno oatmeal bath for him too, bless.

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    I've had the same problem...washing your dog again will only make it worse. Scabs are not good - I would take her to the vet....however if it's just flaking add salmon oil to his diet...there is also this product that I just started using that moistureizes the skin and builds a thicker's called Eqyss mega tek was first made for thinning hair for humans and now is used on animals...they also make some moistureizing products.

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    NO! You should get dog specific shampoo. It sounds like he might have some skin irritation. Some type of oatmeal shampoo might be good for his skin.

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