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Computer problem! Help fast please.?

My friends's computer is messed up and we don't understand how or why. He was playing a game with me online when he computer began to act funny, and the screen went blank and the computer began to beep loudly. I told him to unplug it for a few and plug it back in but no luck. His mom won't take it in to get fixed so he has to be himself. Any idea what went wrong? Its still beeping with a black screen.


Oh no...thats not good...Lol, and whats wrong with playing a game ever now and then? I help my mother all the time, and he's the only boy.... -.-

Update 2:

And is there any fixing it?

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    His motherboard went kaboom! He needs a new one. If you have no experience with installing computer hardware get a professional.

    Edit: If the psu was bad the computer wouldn't start period.

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  • Anonymous
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    it sounds pretty messed up i would say if the screen was working then to do a check on in the bios menu by pressing f2 but the beeping i dont know and if there was a problem with the power supply then it wouldnt beep my friend had a simmelr problem once and it was indeed the motherboard however computers do have warrenties you need to find out where you got it from and do a check and ask his mother if she wants a expensive computer to just be thrown away or fixed

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  • Larry
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    If it's new and custom built like mine, the power supply may be bad. It's it's old and custom or built by a company, either the video card or power supply is bad. If you have a computer that has basically the same stuff, just switch 1 part as a time til you figure it out. If the computer turns on, then it's not the motherboard, try replacing the video card if you have one for him to use first, don't buy one if you don't.

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  • cliatt
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    3 years ago

    ok, disconnect from the internet immediatley. Then, close down your pc and boot it into secure mode, that way the virus doesnt initiate once you initiate off the pc. Its oftentimes the F5 button, yet basically seek for something that asserts boot ideas. you will might desire to place in a genuine anti-viral utility, like Norton. You cant use those for loose, they may be placing extra viruses into your pc.

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  • 1 decade ago

    His computer is smart. Anyone who waists time and the ability of the machine to play games deserve to have computer failure. Can you boys help your mom with some chores instead?

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