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Marijuana Strain Questions?

+Does Pineapple Express exist? =)

+Purple Kush: Effects, THC Level, Type of High, Etc

+Which strains are the most potent (and/or) best to smoke

Just wondering mmk?

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    hahah omigoodness. There are SOO many thigns to say about Bud strains. I'll start with wat some peopel like to say: Bud is bud, doesn't matter. which is generally true, the name doesn't really matter because your dealer could be making stuff up and lying to you. But there ARE strains out there, and legitly bred and cultivated brands, etc.

    I have personally tasted Pineapple, know Pineapple Kush to exist, but i have never heard of "Pineapple Express" my guess is the Express part was made up for the movie, but Pineapple definitely exists, as well as crosses of it with other plants

    Purple Kush: This name is so legendary i doubt anyone has any bonafide strains.. oh wait! no never mind, i've seen it aorund my area once, its legitly purple and has the texture/volume of Kush. But unless you're in a good area, probably you're not getting real Purple Kush. Purple Kush is a cross of Purple and Kush strains obviously, and both are quite uncommon unless, again, you live in a really Friendly area thats nice and Green =]. THC level depends all on where and how its grown. You can have Purp Kush seeds that have been grown so shittily they look like some dirt **** - and they usually are. Then, you can have a namless strain that's cared for well, looked after, and can yield anywhere from 15% or more, depending on the strain. The highest bonafide THC level i've heard of from a Dutch breeder was like 22% or 28% or something. never over 30, as far as i kno for certain. Again, lots of urban legends out there, but im only saying from what i KNOW exists. Again, type of high depends on how its grown and how you smoke it, your set and setting, but mostly on the percent Indica or Sativa it is, which determines your type of high for the strain. One gets you body and stony, the other is cerebral and stuff.

    Strains are best: Again, Bud is bud in generael, and strain name doens't mean it actually is the real strain or even that it's good. I've had shitty Kush and i've great unnamed chronic. I have a list of all the named ones confirmed that we've had around here that have been through my hand specifically. I like Blueberry Yum Yum a lot, and approve of the fruity kinds like Pineapple. Strawberry cough was one of the better ones i've had too. Kush is ok, the taste isn't bad, its sort of like burnt barqbeque afterwards.. Purple is really rich, taste nothing to comment about.. white widow is some FIRE and i recommend you try it if ever you get the chance. Most of the others are really dependednt on the grower, the area, etc so it doens't really matter, but you can pretty much look up any strain online or through books. There's a book called In Search of Dank that's all about one breeder's life of tryign to find the perfect or bestest strain. of course, like he points out that's always changing because the bud is always gettin bettter and changing. try looking up winners of the cannabis cups in amsterdam, you're 'bound to hear some good names. But honestly, you're better off learnign how to RECOGNIZE good bud, no matter the name, than you are to recognize good names. If you need pointers, hit me up with a message. I'd be glad to talk to you bout any other stuff too, like deeper about strains and all that.

    Stay 420 Friendly ;) and Keep it Green =]]

    Source(s): Around here, i AM the source, usually... ahahha ;))
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    Pineapple Express is probably just a clever name. I really doubt it's real.

    Cush in itself is beautiful. The longest, most intense high if you get some good stuff.

  • Snoop dogg, red man, and method man mixed.

    Purple kush.

    Owi Mowi. (Don't know how to spell that but its Hawaiian weed.)

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    hey your'e ******* w/ **** that people messed up.want the reall stuff?what weed was really meant for?leave the mainstream catchy names alone!it's ********* telling about this **** and giving you these street names that messes up the real reason marijuana was meant for.join me in a sweat,smoke some good stuff,and tell me later if your oppinion is different!

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    now that that movie has come out lots of people will call their weed "pineapple express". however i can garuntee the kind depicted in the movie does not exist.

  • Who cares.

    Drugs are for people who want to escape reality

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    your asking for the most potent strain for a better high, why not just smoke crack?

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    in my opinion, blueberry flavored weed is the bomb! the best way to tell if its potent or not, is to feel the density of the weed! i got high just the other day and it was pretty dense!

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    You shouldn't be doing drugs. You know pot is illegal, right? And if you get caught you could like go to jail or something.....right?

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    yeah, that's why you can't spell "cave" or "have" - hottie

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