-80's Horror movie freaks... Know of a flick with mascots & chicks getting murdered and a tooth mascot?

Know of a flick with mascots & chicks getting murdered and a tooth mascot??? There was a cheerleader named Bambi, another named Candy, and a number of stupid mascots. One for a dental school was a tooth, and I don't remember if he murdered or was murdered at the school... I can't find it anywhere on either Netflix or Blockbuster and have watched EVERY stupid 80's horror show that they have... Please help!!!

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    Pandemonium (1982)

    aka Thursday the 12th

    starring Carol Kane as Candy, (Candice) Candy Azzara as Bambi, Tom Smothers, Phil Hartman, David L. Lander, Paul Reubens, Eileen Brennan, Judge Reinhold, Debralee Scott, Miles Chapin, Marc McClure, Michael Tucci, Eve Arden, Tab Hunter, and a host of other terrific character actors!

    IMDb review:

    The film opens with a shot of the moon, with the shadow of a wolf baying on the moon's surface~which is revealed to be cast by hands doing shadow puppets~which become hands grabbing a football pass. Then, four cheerleaders get skewered by a very long javelin tossed by the mystery killer. Years later, a woman reopens the cheerleading school. Each of the new students is introduced with a caption: "Victim #1", "Victim #2", etc. Isabella Telezynska plays a character spoofing Maria Ouspenskaya's Maleva character from Universal's "The Wolf Man", offering a warning in rhyme about pompoms. Carol Kane plays a Carrie-like psychic girl raised by an oppressive mother. Meanwhile, a driller killer who turns his victims into wood furniture somehow has escaped from prison, and a madman wearing a mask has escaped from an asylum. They hit the road together. The madman's doctor is in pursuit.


    One of the horror films this movie spoofs is "Carrie" (1976), and two actors from the cast of that movie~Edie McClurg and Sydney Lassick~also appear in "Pandemonium".

    Back when this craziness was shown on the movie channels, I must have watched it at least 20 times because it's a lot of fun! It's much better than "Student Bodies" (1981), which does have its moments as a parody of slasher films.

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