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Does biology influence gender roles?

Male and female hormonal differences, women being the ones that give birth and breastfeed, etc. Does biology have anything to do with the way gender roles have developed?

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    Absolutely it does! Coming from a physical science background I find it strange that people can think socialisation is a bigger factor than biology. So much of what we are as people comes from our genetics and of course hormone levels effect mood and behaviour too.

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    Biological Gender Roles

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    Yes, that's exactly why the 'boy play with doll', 'girl play with truck' experiment failed so badly. Gender roles are more or less an expression of biological differences which puts to use our strengths and weaknesses. I'm not saying a women can't do something like engineering - the gender overlap is too big to make silly statements like that but that our strengths are more or less played out by the roles we assume.

    This is exactly why the goal of gender feminists is so socially destructive. Of course, nobody should be forced into any role but gender roles work well nonetheless.

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    All animals have biologically designed gender roles, not only humans.

    I don't think anyone believes that lion's gender roles are socially construct.

    What would happen if some unnatural factor changed lion's natural gender roles? The specie ends because of lack of interest in reproduction.

    Nothing good is going to happen to humans after the gender roles are mashed and disappear.

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    Yes...but natural differences between men and women are exploited by society.

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    Absolutely. Men naturally tend to have more seratonin than women, which is why women are so into seratonin enhancing activities like shopping, eating carbs, pampering in general and talking/ gossiping.

    Gender roles are amplified and exploited by the media and advertisers, who know damn well women need seratonin and things like soap operas are made for low seratonin women.

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    Of course. Hormones are very powerful behavioral influencers. You can only try to ignore them.

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    Biology is responsible for hormone production. Male hormones account for the physical characteristics of males, and female hormones for the physical characteristics of females. Both genders produce both type of these hormones, only in different amounts. However, most gender roles are assigned to the person by culture. Males can do laundry, and females can change a tire.

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    it has to. i just dont feel comfortable doing womanly things such as folding towels, folding laundry, changing baby diapers, sweeping the floor, vacuuming, etc.

    the list goes on and on. whenever i am asked to do one of the aforementioned tasks......i feel like my masculinity is being compromised. its not a good feeling.

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    Yes. Alot of gender-typical behaviour is inborn. Little children who haven't been taught to act like their gender will often just do it instinctively even though gender is something they aren't really aware of yet.

    Source(s): I have a son and a daughter; both are quite young; they fall into stereotypes with absolutely no encouragement from me and hubs.
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