Have you been in any demonstrations protesting the jewish massacre of Palestinians in Gaza?

Please don't tell me your city or any other personal information, only whether you took part in any demonstrations and what happened.


Funlovin: Retaliation? This is a massacre. How many jews have Hamas rockets killed? Only some 15 over more than 7 years. And how many Palestinians have the jews killed in retaliation? More than 1200 in 20 days.

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    Yes and this was first time to see this number of crowd standing with Palestinians and showing their hate to nazi zionists!!!

    We didn't stop protesting and today we had one too!

    I noticed many people were i live are becoming aware of what is really going on! That is a good sign by the way...

    Palestinian flags were raised all over the world in the past weeks while zionist racist flag was burnt all over the world...

    Note: There were many Jews protesting too

  • I'm not sure where you're getting your numbers but there were more than 400 Israeli's killed in the eight years Israel has been required to wait before striking back. And the only reason there weren't more is because unlike Hamas, Israel cares about it's citizens. Nearly ALL of them that died though were civilians, unlike the situation in Gaza.

    But it really doesn't matter how many Israeli's were killed does it? Because for some of you folks as long as it's Israeli's and their children dying you don't have time to care. You wouldn't care if another 6,000,000 were slaughtered as long as it was Jews and not the poor pitiful Arabs who live on hate and thrive on blood. It's only when the Israeli's get fed up and do something about the constant rockets and mortars landing in their neighborhoods that people like you finally get off your butts and pay attention and then it's only to claim they're doing some terrible injustice.

    We've all seen the bloody pictures of the same dozen children that Hamas used as shields and fodder. I guess these children don't count though, do they? According to you, Israel has no right to prevent more of these murders.


    Oh and yes I have been to two rallies, but to support Israel's right to defend its people and I found the opposing demonstrators to be as rude, disgusting and hateful as many of the people I've met here. And that is a sad testimony to people who claim to be "the good guys in this fight".

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    There was no massacre!

    Hamas decides to hide among mosques, schools, hospitals, and private residences (an act of cowardice) and when Israel fires back you call it a massacre?

    It is tragic that many Palestinians who are not directly involved in terrorism are suffering as a result of the actions of their leaders. While no one wants to see any noncombatants harmed, it is important to acknowledge that all Palestinians in Gaza bear some responsibility for their current predicament. After all, they voted to empower Hamas in an election in which they knew the organization's platform called for the destruction of Israel and the use of terrorism to achieve its aims.

    The Palestinians in Gaza have done nothing during the last three years to stop Hamas from launching rockets into Israel. At any time the people could have said, "Enough! We do not support terror." Instead of allowing rocket crews to fire Qassams from their houses, yards, or neighborhoods, the people could have said, "Stop! I will not allow you to make us a target. I will now allow you to use my family as a shield."

    For the last three years, the Palestinians of Gaza have said, in effect, "We don't mind if Israelis are murdered by Hamas rockets, but the world should support us."

    During World War II, the German people were not spared suffering from the Allied invasion because they were noncombatants or because some could claim they were not Nazis and did not support Hitler. All the German people were held to account for their failure to stop their leaders from carrying out their aggression and genocidal policies.

    The Palestinians now are also being held to account. What is different, however, is that unlike the Allies in World War II, Israel is doing everything possible to avoid hurting Palestinian noncombatants despite their culpability. Even now the Palestinians have the power to stop the war by demanding that Hamas cease firing rockets. Alas, they refuse to take the one step within their power to ease their suffering.

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    1 decade ago

    Hamas has killed hundreds

    of innocent people, with

    suicide bombings, and as

    much as you seem to

    believe the Jewish life taken

    means nothing when a Palestine

    life has been taken, keep in mind

    some of those people killed

    in those bombings were Palestine,

    among others.

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  • dandyl
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    1 decade ago

    no because there has been no massacre in gaza,you are confusing it with the daily rockets fired by Hamas into Israel from Gaza.

    I have heard of no demonstrations against Israel in my city, but plenty against Hamas.

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    1 decade ago

    No the Muslims here are pretty quiet. There is a group in Manila that will protest anything to get on TV but other than that nothing to do.

    Besides this is as close to the lunatic fringe as I care to get nowadays.

  • Canute
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    1 decade ago

    No, there has not been any massacre.

    There have been casualties due to Hamas' failure to provide shelters for its population.

    The Arabs can demonstrate about that.

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    1 decade ago

    Crystal you sound disappointed that few Jews are killed by rockets.

    Have you noticed that Israel has bomb shelters and try to keep their people alive, while Ham *** sets up rocket launchers in schools, near hospitals and on top of people's homes?

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    Are you suggesting that the Jews just take what has been delt for the past 7 years?

    You have got to be kidding!

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    If Ham-a-SSs won for you it would have been a great war, they lost so very badly, human shields or not, now you turn it to a massacre, don't worry, soon they will claim victory and you can call it a war again.

    The dead will be Shaheeds not just plain massacred.

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