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car title sales taxes- the people at the tax accessor collector's office..."bill of sale"?

how do they know what you actually paid for the vehicle inwhich you're going to pay taxes for and get the title transferred in your name? like is the bill of sale some actual legal document or can you print off a template online? the guy who i bought the vehicle from was a total right fighter, and an ***, and wouldnt write down anything less than what i paid him in cash, but would it be too terribly risky to just print off another one and fill in the blanks "less ofcourse" and just trace over his signature. i mean, how would they know, are they trained legal hand writting analysis experts? there isnt a phone number on the title for him...i mean i know im risking a little to save a little, but do they really routinely seek to verify actual selling prices, youd think people do this all the time right? so if caught, whats the worse that could happen? this is Texas

-no cute little sarcastic one liners or sunday school answers please....

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    1 decade ago
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    I live in Texas and I can tell you what the fine is.............

    WARNING: Transportation Code, §501.155, provides that falsifying information on title transfer documents is a third-degree felony offense punishable by not more than ten (10) years in prison or not more than one (1) year in a community correctional facility.

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