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Anonymous asked in TravelSpainNavarra · 1 decade ago

Summer Holiday - Help Me Plan - Location...Hotel...Flights..?

Me and my mates are planning to go to Spain this summer (Mid-June). We are unsure where to go though...

We have a budget of £250-£300 each!

We have discussed Tenerife, Ibiza, Palma, Mallorca and other similar destionations with beach and good night life...

Basically, all we want is nice beach, a nice but cheap hotel (with a swimming pool), night life - clubbing (on beach or near by town/city)...

I would really appreciate it if you guys could give me some names of the destinations and/or hotels that you might have stayed at and/or heard its really good for bunch of 19/20 years old boys and couple of girls :)

PS - We will be departing from one of the London Airports (Luton, Stansted, Gatwick or City)

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    I have worked in Many resorts in Spain and greece!! for you budget you probably best getting a package deal so you will have flights, transport and accomodation within!

    I would look at 18-30. Twentys, freestyle etc with this you get a great location cheap and will be near the beach and have a pool in the hotel and also be with other young people!!! They will have trips on offers these can be very good but dont be pressureed into buying them (Yes I used to work for one of the companys above and you dont have to buy them so dont be forced into it) but the rep are generally very good and make your stay safer and more fun!

    I work / live mainly in Ibiza this can be expensive but depends on what you spend it on youd be able to get a hol there but keep a tight budget on spending money! Mallorca and gran can are also a lot of fun!

    If you would like any more advice contact me through my website below

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    BENI has everything that your group could wish for with plenty of eateries bars things to do

    Fantastic beach

    dont believe everything that is said about beni it is a great resort for young and old

    this website has answers to everything that you need Comedians , Nightclubs, Cheap booze plenty of hotels

    2nd has hotels flights transfers etc

    I am sure you will all love it

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