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How come i can't find my apps(already downloaded) on my itunes?? i saw them there yesterday!?

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i have an 8GB i touch and i downloaded some apps to play games on it, though now i can't find those apps on my itunes. What should i do.. anyone please!
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I downloaded some songs and lost them. Go into your iTunes and see if the download link is on the side of your browser. Click on download and at the bottom there might be an arrow pointing down and says, ?? iTunes Downloads available. Click on the arrow and it will download them again. There may have been a problem when they originally downloaded.

******Or you can report a problem with it through iTunes. I had to do that once, and you go into iTunes and go to the top bar. Click on store. Click on check for purchases. Click report a problem with whatever you can't find. You tell them the issue, and then someone at iTunes sends you an e-mail telling you how to fix it. They are pretty quick and really nice. Give it a shot.********

If the store menu bar doesn't show "Check for Purchases", go to View My Account. Sign in. Click on Purchase History. Click on Report a Problem. Then fill in the information.
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  • monkey 8675309 answered 5 years ago
    there is a cord that comes with the ipod that is a usb cord plug it in your ipod then find the slot in the computer that holds the other end go on to itunes and u will find that at the left colom it will say the ipod is there and a picture and name of ipod will be there a sign will say that itunes found things on ipod that do not exist on itunes do u want to download to itunes library click yes and then they will be downloaded to itunes form your ipod. itunes can be very picking about things sometimes that happens.. they also don't like it when u Transfer songs to some Else's ipod. there trying to prevent that so that's why some company's came up with tune plus u can find tune plus in Electronic stores if what i told u doesn't work then get tune plus and follow its instructions on what to do. tune plus will guide u through the process and will do Extra things itunes will not let you do...... like share songs


    my experence
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  • ? answered 5 years ago
    Try to restart your iTunes
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  • Erik answered 5 years ago
    search your computer for them.
    If you know what one of them is called, type in the name in your computer's search.
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