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what are the steps to making a incubator out of a styrofoame boxs ?

list details and all thanks


also the fish tank way would be apprecitead

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    We've had excellent success with this method when breeding tortoises.

    We use the type of styrofoam box in which fish are delivered to aquarium stores and place a thermostatically controlled heat mat at the bottom, with plastic dishes containing damp vermiculite (and the eggs) on a wire rack supported about a third of the way up the box (resting on a couple of half house-bricks!)

    The boxes we use are the size described here:

    and we make a couple of air holes in the top, and another couple in the sides.

    We use a humidity sensor to ensure that the levels are appropriate for the type of eggs we're incubating (adding dishes of water will increase humidity - increasing number of vents will decrease it) and we also have a long glass thermometer pushed through the lid, with the "bulb" positioned to give a second visual monitor of the temperature at the same level as the eggs (the first being the temperature controller we use for the on-off control of the heat mat, as that has a digital display and alarm functionality.)

    Source(s): Keeping and breeding tortoises since 1994.
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