Family Visiting in Europe?

I'm stationed with 1-91 ABN CAV, 173rd ABN BDE in Schweinfurt and my family is interested in visiting. How does this work/who can I get with to get this accomplished?

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    I assume that you are single and thus live in the barracks. your fanmily must abide by all the restrictions of a US tourist to Germany..Visas. etc. they must get a hotel. you MIGHT be able to sponsor a room for them in the base lodging. BUT generally speaking they must be accompanied by you art all times on the base.. so realistically.. they would need to stay off base and just be met at the gate by you so that you can get them a visitor's pass.

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    When you say family, I'm guessing you're talking about your parents and siblings, not your spouse and child.

    I'm pretty sure they'll still have to get passports, and you'll have to see when you can take leave, so you'll be off work when they come to visit. I've never been to Schweinfurt, so I don't know if they have a place your family can stay on post. If not, see if you can use a VAT form to get a room off post or if a hotel off post will give you a military discount since the exchange rate still sucks for the US dollar.

    Be sure to check with your chain of command to be sure you can get the time off and check to see if there's any security situations or off limit areas you should be aware of.

    Source(s): Ex-US Army Cav Scout NCO
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    talk to whoever is in charge of you... im pretty sure they can come

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