can i still use a hard disk with bad sectors?

I have 3 hard disks and 1 DVD-ROM attached to my computer (1st as primary, 2nd as media/music storage and 3rd for backup purposes/file storage all are formatted NTFS (running XP SP3). The primary hard disk has been scanned with bad sectors, i ran a scan disk and it was repaired i am afraid that it may crash down. should i format it to NTFS or down to FAT32. Would file compression aggreviate the badsector problems? thanks. Suggestions would be really appreciated.

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    Bad sectors are bad sectors. Formatting it again probably won't fix a bad sector.

    I'd image the drive and get another hard drive.

    Personally I have an 80Gig (small) hard drive for my C: and never put anything on it but System Files.

    My D, E, F, G and external N and O are for files, programs and backups of the operating system with Acronis Home 11. Norton Ghost is also good for imaging.

    I would recommend doing an image of your system and then putting in a new hard drive. Back up all files other than the operating system first though.


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    Whenever you run scandisk (or similar software providing the same functionality) it automatically excludes bad sectors for being used in the immediate future. A format is even better, just to be sure, but that is a lot more work and gives you an headache installing everything properly again.

    Overall, my suggestion would be to look for a replacement for your primary hard disk, because of the risks involved. If there is smoke, there must be a fire somewhere........

    Good luck

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    First of all backup all your files. then scan for bad sectors and and repair them. The format your disk to NTFS. No matter if it crashes because everything is backed up!!

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    I would not recomend using it much longer. The process of scavenging and moving data from bad sectors to good sectors is called hot fix redirection and normaly bad sectors means that the whole disk is going bad. If you get a new Seagate\Maxtor drive, it comes with software to clone the old drive called Disk Wizard. Either way, I would backup, mirror or clone your drive now or there's a good chance that you will lose data.

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