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What could be the cause of my Ongoing Yeast Infection?

Every month I get a HORRIBLE yeast infection. Sometimes it goes away on it's own. This month, It's not only vaginal I think I have it orally too! I have an extremely low immune system and tend to have to take lots of antibiotics all the time. I eat yogurt daily, fruits, and veggies are my only real source of food. I don't drink cokes or carbonated drinks, only juices, milk, sweet tea, and water. I am a diabetic or borderline though I'm on medicine for it. This is really getting out of hand, as now my husband has it! I feel bad for unknowingly giving it to him, and now I'm afraid to even kiss him as he might get it in his mouth too! I know I need to go to the PCP but symptoms just become noticeable and the dr.'s office is closed till monday. So what can I do in the meantime to help it to heal? As well as prevent it from coming back?

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    Top priority = You need to get on a high dose acidophilus pill to take every day for the rest of you life - yeast is a fungus and thrives easily in our bodies because it lives off of sugar and loves moisture, you need to bring back balance to your intestinal track with supplementing this good bacteria - you will NEVER get enough of it from yogurt. Moreover, yogurt usually contains more sugar than a can of coke, so your best bet is to avoid it all together and take the pill which is more effective, and will not feed the yeast.

    You need to starve the yeast of sugar. Cut out fruits for 2 months or longer, to really starve the yeast, as fruits are incredibly high in sugar, even though it's natural, it still feeds the yeast.

    Incorporate eating raw garlic into your diet do this EVERY DAY - cover it up in a bean dip, or in a sandwich that you can wash down quickly with water. But garlic will actually kill off yeast. Not cooked garlic, the raw garlic is what has the power.

    Also, eat more onions! These will also bring healing and balance.

    Yeast will grow roots and actually start effecting ALL of your body. If you have a recocurring yeast infection every month or so, really, you have one constant low grade yeast infection that flares up when the acidity of your vagina is low, such as, when you are menstruating.

    To kick the yeast initially - do a monistat as soon as possible!!!! This is imperative! Your body's immunity is low because it is SICK with an over growth of yeast, and this will impair your health for the rest of your life unless you KICK the yeast now with this full on approach.

    Have your husband get treated by his doctor so that he doesn't reinfect you.

    One more thing, wash your clothing (especially panties) in HOT water with plenty of soap, and dry on high to kill the yeast in the fabric...or else you will risk re-infecting yourself with your undies.

    Always wear panty liners during the day and change them frequently to keep yeast off of your panties.

    Do not wear anything at night!! You need to air out down there, it will help keep the yeast at bay.

    Be sure not to wear tight clothing, as this will aggravate or cause a yeast infection.

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    I have been chronically infected thruout my whole life with yeast infections and here may be some deciding factors of why you can't get rid of it.First dairy products can cause problems in that area.Trust me I know this.That means yogurt too as well as milk,some people like myself are actually allergic to it.If I were to drink say a beer.I would get a yeast infection,or eat alot of bread or drink alot of milk.The only real good yogurt for you is one without sugars in it.

    However here are some symptom relievers I have used cause I am absolutely allergic to over the counter yeast cures.First buy tea tree oil and honestly put some drops on the end of a tampon.This not only rleieves the itch but if done over a 24 hour period it should reset your ph balance.Another one to try taking is Acidophilus in pill form.It keeps that are area working healthy.I used to get them all the time and now I get one maybe twice a year which is the norm but they don't last longer than a day with me.Over the counter drugs are actually very bad for you to take to treat yeast infections so trying going natural.Take sugar out of your diet.Eating too much fruit which contain sugars can cause it.Drinking lots of cranberry juice(100 percent) and lots of water also gets rid of it.Also consuming or as gross as this sounds inserting 100 percent plain natural yogurt with active cultures in it also works.Trust me these cures are all from home remedies and they have always worked for me in the past.Over the counter yeast cures have alot of terrible chemicals in them and can completely disrupt the ph balances down there even further and so the infection may come back or not even go away after use.Get your boyfriend to wash really well or you'll get reinfected quickly.Anti bacterial soap would work.Hope this really helps you.It's never fun to have one but go with natural cures and you won't be disappointed.

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    Yeast infection is very contagious!!!!! you can get it in your mouth (thrush) and in genetal area. It can be caused from bacteria! Anylize, what you are using during sex, condoms, creams, ointments etc... Some of these can carry the bacteria and make it worse. Then causing your yeast infection. Some women get yeast infections when they are pregnant and after they have the baby it goes away!!! You can get a yeast infection from anyone who has it, such as a baby you just changed there diaper. Even if you wash your hands well!!!! Perhaps bf could take a shower and wash super well b4 sex... maybe that will help. Douching will most probably make it worse. Especially if your PH is already out of balance. Good luck and be sure to get a second opinion from a gyn.

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    You have it for all the reasons you list...diabetic, weak immunity, and having to take antibiotic, etc.

    Your husband may have it and be re-infecting you over and over. And since you have it orally now...you really need to reconsider your sex life (and all the ways you have physical contact) until you get this figured out and cured. You BOTH need to see your doctor(s) to get it knocked out and have a plan of control for the future.

    For the moment all you can do it keep your sugar/carb consumption low, and keep working the yogurt.

    Good Luck!

    Source(s): My mom is a diabetic....and has a yeast infection every few months like clockwork.
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