Michael Redd is Godlike Agreed?

Let me tell you something about Michael Redd. He is the leader of my favorite team and owns Dwyane Wade scored 40 on him this year and last year had big games against him. Wade can not compete w/ #22.

Also, Redd is the man he will not betray us in Milwaukee in 2010 he will resign teams, like the Knicks, Lakers, and Cavs could throw big money @ him he will stay cause he is loyal.

Let me tell you more he has the best shot in the NBA with Ray Allen. Redd has the quickest release in the game and his stroke resembling a sling shot is pure $.

Career Highlights:

ECF Appearance w/ Ray Allen: Redd was 6 Man and did well that year under the tutelage of Ray Ray.

Took the Bucks to the playoffs in 2005 scoring 40 points in the playoffs on the Detroit Pistons and Tayshaun Prince.

Scored a career high 57 points against the Utah Jazz on 06/07.

Scored 8 three pointers in the 4th quarter alone.

Lastly, Go Redd and Go Bucks!

Any opinions on Redd?


USA Olympics Gold Medalist

Update 2:

Also the 57 is the most points scored by a Bucks all-time breaking Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Update 3:

tank you are absolutely right

Update 4:

I do not believe in the MVP it's 2 much media hype. The only reason Redd does not get hyped, like Wade and others is because Wade plays in Miami and Redd plays in Milwaukee. Redd on game 2 game match ups gets the better of Wade almost all the. He will also be an All-star virtually every year if he is not on Milwaukee. But, luckily he is and will forever remain so even after 2010 because he is loyal and does not crave the spotlight. time.

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    I'm from Wisconsin myself.. and I'm a fan of Michael Redd. But he's simply not consistant. He'll drop a big game, then do nothing the next. And he really doesn't do anything else besides score. Godlike? No

    Tank: The Larry Bird of the Bucks? Just because he can shoot threes? Larry Bird could do it all.. pass, lead, shoot, play d. Larry Bird? I don't like calling out individuals here man, but the Larry Bird? Really??

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    Well first thing, i heard at yahoo under the cleveland section that the cavs are interested in vince carter about a month or so ago. We can't give milwaukee what they would want in exchange for redd. But in reply to the question: Michael is redd is one of the top five pure shooters in the nba. He's from ohio state! He'll be in the hall of fame. And with two great complementary players such as richard jefferson, and great playmaker like luke ridnoure, redd can at times be unstoppable. Milwaukee needs a better powerforward than charlie, i love charlie, they need a better shooting pf. Redd, might even be in this years allstar game, at least i hope he'll be. Michael redd is the larry bird of the milwaukee bucks.

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    redd is a good player. but u need to stop saying hes "the best in the nba" hes not even an MVP candidate.

    EDIT:redd is an all-star. but hes not a team leader. he needs to become the face of his team like kobe lebron or wade.

  • For the one millionth time, he needs to come to CLEVELAND!

    We tried getting him a million times, but he doesn't want to play with the Cavs.

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    I'm a Christian and in the name of my religion.There is no one who able to be another God.There is just one God.

    Hs isn't that good.He is just playing very good lately.That's all.There is no more special things from him

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    I don't know to much about him except that he can shoot lights out..His jumper is weird but it's one of my favorites in the whole NBA

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    I believe he is a Christian.

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