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emotional content是甚麼意思?

李小龍在<<龍爭虎鬥>>中, 叫一位後生仔過來, 同佢講

"kick me"

後生仔於是向佢起腳, 並說

"What was that? An Exibition? We need emotional content. Try again."

emotional content是甚麼意思? 為何李小龍要佢咁做?

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    What is emotional content?

    When you are in a fight, it is important to put emotion content into your actions and to be able to detach yourself from the situation you are in. you

    gotta face who's in front of you.Perhaps you are a person who never wants to hurt anyone, but you cannot think about that espeically in a big fight.

    It is just like you have to focus on your goals , do what you want to do

    and do not get distracted by the vortexes of madness around you.


    When you have to fight, it is NOT the time to show your opponent

    your kicking techniques or anything. ( exhibition) You just have to detach yourself and concentrate on the fight and make sure that person

    in front of you is down on the floor.( to beat him)

    2009-01-18 05:42:48 補充:

    When you are in a fight, it is important to put emotional content into your actions

    Source(s): I am a Bruce Lee's fan too. ^_^
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