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Anonymous asked in 藝術與人文詩詞與文學 · 1 decade ago


(1) She ____that every day for one month.

(A) did (B) was doing (C) has done (D) was going to do

答案是(A) ... 為什麼不是(C) .. for one month 不是要用現在完成式

(2) I ___her name loudly and looked for her for her for thirty minutes.

(A) have called (B) will call (C) called (D)was calling


(3)The student got ___when they saw their favorite movie star eatig

at the next table.

(A) excited (B) excitedly (C) exciting (D) excitingly

答案是(A) .....為什麼??

(4) He ___on a bike with one of his feet on the ground

空格是was sitting

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    但She has done that every day for one month--既然是every day就不會是for one month而已

    如果要講"她已經連續一個月每天都做那件事(現在還是)"最好用"since one month ago"

    She did that every day for one month. 表示她過去有一個月每天都做那件事--這樣就不矛盾了


    (3)got 後面放分詞(形容詞) 表示"變成...的狀態"

    excite - 動詞 - 使...興奮

    excited - 形容詞 - 興奮的

    exciting - 形容詞 - 令人興奮的˙刺激的



    The student got excited when they saw their favorite movie star eatig

    at the next table.當那個學生看到他最喜歡的電影明星在他隔壁桌吃飯時,他變的很興奮--選"excited"



    如果是選擇題的話就看其他選項有沒有過去式 或是現在進行式了--不然會有爭議

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