Does this make sense at all?

It's something I express myself to someone..and i was wondering if it makes Sense to any of you

here it is:

What happened to that girl? She used to be so happy, so care-free. Nothing could ever get her down. She liked herself, she was okay with her looks. But now it's like theres no point in trying. That girl, she used to be so confident. She knew what she wanted and how to get it. But now she has no clue. What happened to that girl, the one who had lots of friends, and love for herself. That girl doesn't believe anymore, doesn't believe in anything, not love, happiness or faith. She's dropped out school, and has no soical life. That girl seems to always be sad and alone with only her computer to comfert her. She misses her life, her friends, she misses being someone. I miss that girl, the one who didn't care about the little things. Is that girl ever going to be happy again? Is she ever going to make new friend? She thought maybe it was just time that she needed, but so much time has past that she gave up. Gave up on trying to be happy, gave up on everthing...that girl is me. I miss me.

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    Wow, that't really good. Yes it does make sense. You know what? You should try posting this, if you wanted to, and an online writers community, I'm sure tons of people who also enjoy what you wrote, pretty powerful stuff.

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  • 1 decade ago

    That makes perfect sense to me, that is written very well. Their have been times in my life where I have felt like that also.

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