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Why is the white part of my eyes yellow?

i asked this question earlier but i wanna know more.......I've been feeling really sick for the past 3 days now and the white part of my eyes are yellowish. what does that mean? Is it bad or why are they yellow? They're not COMPLETELY yellow but they look yellowish.

Its just my eyes that are yellow, not my skin but im 16 and the last time i smoked was in February last year and the last time i drank was new years eve. I haven't done anything since but i get sick a lot like every month and i don't think that's normal and im not over weight or anything.


well i've actually been eating more than i used to but ive never had any eating problems, i've always ate good....

its just now im eating more

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    Yellow eyes could be a sign of a liver problem. You need to get that checked as soon as possible.b

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    One you shouldn't be smoking or drinking! I'm not gonna preach but you don't know how many men I know that can't have a decent life because they choose to drink and do drugs which lead to arrests, jail time, and now can't get a job because of background checks done by employers.

    Okay if you are sharing joints or pipes you can contract hepatitis a,b, or c. Or like your first response a liver problem. You should go get checked. asap

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    Yellow eyes can be a sign of jaundice. Definitely go to the doctor and get some tests done.

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    go to the doctors. It could be liver problems or a blocked duct from your gallbladder. I worked for a gastroenterologist and a girl came in with yellow eyes. Her skin was not yellow. She had a stone in one of the ducts from her gallbladder. Don't put this off. Call your doctor on monday or go to the emergency room if you have good insurance.

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    Just go see your doctor if you don't get any answers you like on here. Doctors usually know better than the people who answer questions on here. Unless one of the people who answer this question is a doctor... then they still wouldn't really be able to tell what's wrong with you because they usually need to do a physical examination of your eye. So, go see an eye doctor.

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    Yellow eyes typically means jaundice (see types of jaundice and causes of jaundice), which is often related to a liver disorder such as hepatitis (see types of hepatitis). These conditions can be serious and require prompt professional medical diagnosis and treatment.

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    hepatitis causes the eyes to yelloow, comes from eating food perpared by someone who went to the rest room and didnt wash thier hands. you need to find out right away if the is what you have, also there is a hep that is sexually transmitted.

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    It could be jaundice.. or an indication of a liver problem. Doctors advice should be sought...

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    That can also be a sign of malnutrition that a lot of anorexia sufferers experience. How's your diet?

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    You're probably not eating properly.

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