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ProAir HFA Inhaler Medicine?

Uhmmm.... ok i just got a new inhaler (ProAir HFA) and out of curiosity I was wondering what the medicine tastes like so I wont be surprised once I have to use it! Thanks for tha help.

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    Doesn't really taste much at all. Probably less than most of the old inhalers. You just have to remember one thing: Rinse the inhaler out every 10 or so puffs. Because sometimes you think you're running out of medicine when it's just the inhaler clogging up.

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    maximum inhalers are the comparable dose (length and quantity of puffs to be taken are diverse from guy or lady to guy or lady) in spite of the incontrovertible fact that its truly irreponsable to furnish a teenager a medicine that became into as quickly as meant for them She disnt try the best purchase else - changing scientific expert case in point

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