How are my parents able to see what I do on the net?

Something that bothers me about my parents is that I feel as if they discreetly know what I look at on the internet (on my PC). Since I'm afraid to use my computer, I use my iPhone for my browsing (connecting to my wi-fi)- are they still able to know what I'm doing remotely?

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    there are lots of ways, by the cookies and other info that's sites store on your hard drive when you visit it and if they really wanted to they could install a keylogger on your comp which would log everything you type, all the keys your press. if your parents have a keylogger there is no way around it unless you can figure out the program name and how to access it and disable it with their password. clearing your browsing history doesn't always do the trick, if they know how they can easily recover the files, one thing your can do to prevent them from recovering the files are to go to option in your browser and find where your browser cookies are stored once you do that open the folder and select all the cookies and press shift+delete, or your can use a proxy, like or

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    There are lots of ways it could be done. It would require your parents to be fairly savvy on computer networking, or to know someone who is. But yeah, in this day and age, you are better off assuming that if someone really wants to see your email or web browser history, they'll be able to do it. Make your messaging and web search decisions accordingly.

    If your folks have access to your PC, they can read your browser history. Standard protection against this is to make sure YOU are the root user (administrator) of your PC, password protect your account, and periodically erase your browser history. (On the toolbar go to Tools --> Internet Options --> General tab --> Browsing history --> and click on Delete History.)

    Regarding your iPhone, you say you are using your wi-fi - by this do you mean there is a wireless router in your house? If so, is it operating off a main desktop in your house, one your parents use? Again, they'd have to know what they're doing, but yeah, they could read that.

    Incidentally, of all the people who could be spying on you and have it come back to haunt you, you could do a lot worse than your parents, believe me. At the risk of sounding condescending, maybe you should ask yourself, are you doing anything on the computer you should be ashamed of if they find it?

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    The reason they can do this is because they probably look at the history (on the tool bar menu). If you click Show all history it will show you all the sites you have visited.

    To avoid this you can go to the Tool Section (in the same tool bar menu) and click Clear Private Data. Make sure you tick all the options given like cookies and offline website data(your case).

    This will clear the history log and will remove any traces of any websites being visited.

    **Hope this helps!

    Do this on your iPhone if you wish.

    **Please note that the tool bar menu I'm referring to is the one on the web browser**

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    They may use a small program that keep track on whatever you do on your pc (not only over internet) called logger . Read description of third from the list ( for example )

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    erase the history in browser before u exit the browser.

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    Not unless there very advanced computer users.

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    your computer might be because of your internet history

    for your phone, maby they see what you do if its on the cell bill.

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    they have a camera watching you probably, makes the most sense to me, i would search for them,

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