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Whay israel dont RETURN the Palestinian lands they OCCUPY so the Palestinians will stop resistance?

"Any normal "human" would agree that occupation can NEVER be justified & every occupation should be RESISTED"

-israel Occupy Palestinian land by FORCE since 1948.

-Palestinians resist the occupation.

-israel call Palestinian resistance "terrorists" & BOMB everything???

whats this cruelty?

Why israel don't return the land they occupy by force ,if they really want peace instead of asking the Palestinians to stop their LEGAL armed resistance against the israeli ILLEGAL occupation?

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    Here's my objective answer, (that is before alcohol kicks in and i start with my more than snide remarks). Short version though...

    First, It was the arabs that wanted to expel the Israelites after 1948, so a lot of them, like Jordan, Egypt, Syria, basically all Israel's neighbors, waged war on Israel, and many times too.

    Unfortunately, All of these times, Israel won. And so, when the arabs were driven back, or rather retreated, the land they retreated from became Israel to "occupy." After all the spoils are to the victor, from the first post above.....

    The land Israel then occupied was so large that I think it doubled up Israels size.

    Now back to the present.

    With the long and hard peace treaties that was done in the 80's, especially with Jordan and Egypt, there has been peace. I suppose yo can say part of the settlement included Israel returning most part of the occupied territories, like in Egypt, Mt. Sinai.

    (So this means that Israel is also reasonable, when it comes to peace, and discontinuing occupation. Take note that you can probably fit the entire country of Israel inside Sinai, so its a big piece of land. It might be a desert but Israel has done wonders to convert desert productively. )

    Palestine on the other hand is something that is way off the scale. There has been documents that tell that there was NO Palestine prior 1948, just a bunch of nomads wandering the deserts, along with other tribe states/nations. (sorry i didnt keep the references, but then again this is the short version)

    When the war broke loose with the arabs and Israelites, upon the recommendation of the arabs taking part of the war, the arabs within Israel move temporarily somewhere else so that they would not get hurt.

    When the war finished, and Israel won, they couldnt get back, and they became furious. The arabs that didnt move out, became the Israelite-Arabs, full isrealites and even represented in their "parliament."

    You ask, why dont Israel return the land [they occupy by force]? Well the answer to that is that return them to whom? Palestine didn't exist then, why return it to the Palestine now?

    How bout returning the "displaced" arabs during the time when all the arab states were waging war on Israel? Why not return it to them? Well, who were they? And how sure you they it was them who were the ones staying up there a long time ago, and not just some land grabber. Well generally, it would open up a new can of worms.

    I think an analogy is appropriate here. Think if you will, that you have a piece of land right now. And all of a sudden people come, and disturb you telling you that it they are the "real owner" of the land you now own, which you have tilled, and made productive, an invested on. And that their only proof is that they were "natives" of the region. Would you give up your land?

    Well, from the above, peace is achievable. And Israel does return land they occupied. And they did not start this mess.

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    Zionism is about taking the land and making a JEWISH ONLY state, "not a democracy"

    They claim we live in the 21th century now and do not need to believe in God so your nationality makes you Jewish!

    As to Gaza being an "independent entity", the CIA World Factbook updated 18 Dec 2008 states otherwise:

    „West Bank and Gaza Strip are Israeli-occupied with current status subject to the Israeli-Palestinian Interim Agreement - permanent status to be determined through further negotiation;“

    And according to B'Tselem: (After the disengagement) "Israel continued to control the air and sea space, movement between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank (also via neighboring countries), the population registry, family unification, and the crossing of goods to and from Gaza. Also, residents of the Gaza Strip rely solely on Israel for its supply of fuel, electricity, and gas." Independent entity indeed!

    NATO bombed Serbia because it was trying to expel people of a different religion that occupied land that many Serbs regard to be historically theirs (there was no question of Kosovo leaving Serbia at the time). Do you really see no parallel between the two situations? Luckily for you, Israel has better allies in the West than the poor Serbs (my daughter-in-law happens to be Serbian and she lectures me!).

    As to your justification for the present killings in Gaza: History did not begin with rockets from Gaza. To remind: Sderot stands in the farm lands of a former village named Najd.

    If you look to Northern-Ireland with its imposed dominant Protestant population more than 300 years ago and to the troubles that caused (a mild example), you must wonder what the future holds in store for you in Israel/Palestine. A settler coming into already populated new lands has two basic choices: to live peacefully alongside the natives (as Jews seem to have done there before 1948 although mixed marriages were probably very rare) or if powerful enough to eradicate or marginalize them socially and geographically (cf. colonial Americas and Australia). Do you ever wonder what course you are on? What is your vision for the future in say a 100 years time?

    We live in age of images. Will Israel ever live down the endless enduring images of dismembered and dead children and women? Can you think of no other way to survive?

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    The answer is that they don't want peace, as evidenced by the outcries for blood from open-mouth breathing morons here that think for any reason a pile of 250 children's corpses can be legitimized or rationalized in any way. It's pathetic, murder doesn't justify murder and people that want the violence to stop, like the Israeli's that live on the border alongside Gaza, know this will result in a new generation of kids growing up full of hate; you people that mock dead civilians are pathetic weasels.

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    Do you remember the Israelis that were crying because Israel was giving their land to the Palestinians. Many Israelis were moved out of their homes and the land was given to the Palestinians. Then what does the Palestinians do? They start setting up rocket launchers on the very land given to them and launch rockets into Israel.

    You damn right Israel should be mad. They sacrificed their own people's land so there would be peace and then a bunch of barbarians use it to try to kill them. They should have been growing crops to feed their people.

    Here is what these people think when thousands are killed:

    Youtube thumbnail

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    I still have problems with the concept of a Jewish nation which you refer to quite matter of factly, thus equating religion and nationality. (After all Icelandic is not a religion.) Would you like to comment on that?

    Zionism is a ultra nationalist movement most jews reject, religious national jews that is the nations of the Abrahamic seed in FAITH!

    When the arabs offered shelter for the Holocaust to be victims back in the 1940s it was zionists who said the price of the 6 million jews was worth the creation of a state and only allowed the young into israel to fight off Palestinians instead of living in peace, they did not recognize arabs as human beings, even called them 2 legged animals, they learn what to say on TV from there own victims, they even steal there culture!

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    Zionists jews or Zionists have to get out of israel and into a war crimes court for the sake of Judaism.

    Don't tell me that your jewish even though you do NOT believe in God, why the hell should you even claim anything God gave jews then if your not even religious, get out of Israel already you heretics!

    Pro Zionists here DO KNOW the regions history and will stop at nothing to claim what God gave his chosen people for themselves, well your wrong, its a curse from God on you to wonder blindly to the point of willing to lie for it, its only land, its not a magic potion which will turn you into a king or ruler, the only thing you will gain from this is living hell on your own conscience, stop lying and give up the land to the people still there that owned it, its disgusting to see that Zionists even played a role in the Holocaust while yet denying it in the media to keep americans brainwashed!

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    Why didn't Egypt do something with the Gaza Strip when they "occupied" it for 20 years? Like make a viable "Palestine" state?

    Why didn't Egypt take the Gaza Strip back in 1967?

    This ain't about "Palestinians" and "occupied" land. That is a cover story designed to make sympathy for a bunch of thugs.

    It's about a gang of street thugs who have taken over a city and hold it at the point of a bayonet.

    The Hamas gang marches the streets of Gaza with their automatic weapons and rockets and granades to show the Gaza people who is "boss" and who they should "vote" for, or else.

    The Hamas gang controls the food, the medicine, the jobs, everything about the Gaza life. They "own" the Gaza people.

    That is the business of the Hamas rat gang ... parasites on the people of Gaza. It is how they make their living, like fleas.

    The Hamas rats care not a spit about the Gaza people. Gaza people are sandbags and chips to be killed and used to make sympathy for an ugly Hamas rat gang.

    Without the their pretend "fight' against Israel, the Hamas rats would be shown for what they are ... a street gang looting a hostage population!

    Source(s): just a guess Those who cannot think copy
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    That is precisely the problem. Most of the pro-zionist people around here have no idea of the history of the region, so they do not understand that simple fact.

    Isreal keeps taking more land. The real owners want it back. They are resisting the increasing Israeli incursion onto their land.

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    Why doesn't Jordan return the Palestinian lands they OCCUPY so the Palestinians will stop resistance ?

    Oh wait, what resistance ? We only hear about Israel, not Arab lands that also took "Palestinian" areas as spoils of war. Should I also mention that the concept of a Palestinian people didn't emerge until after 1967 ?

    Hamas wants the whole pie. As in all of Israel destroyed, its inhabitants kicked out as "illegitimate occupiers" (even people born there - how's that for racism?) and its replacement with an Islamic hellhole like Iran.

    Sorry, not going to happen. I'll work for peaceful co-existence and a two state solution if you stop the Islamic fanatics from craving death and destruction for any non-Muslim in their vicinity.

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    Well if I thought that way then America would not exist. To the victors go the spoils. Besides the idiots were firing into Israel before the Israelis crossed the border. MORE Islamic propaganda. When will you morons realize we can find the truth if we want. Just because you say it does not make it true.

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