How can you tell if a Scorpio guy likes you?

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  • Marie answered 5 years ago
When he only pays attention to you. He may seem stand offish, but he likes me I'm a scorpio. He will be very very loyal, and may get VERY jealous. When he decides he likes you, you will be the center of his world at all times. Except those few times he wants to be completely alone and not talk to anyone. He will do this, so don't take it personal.


Scorpio girl

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thanks that was helpful.
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  • Eclipse6101 answered 5 years ago
    I'm trying to figure that out myself. I (libra girl) have a scorpio guy that I feel I've gotten close with. Our conversations are great. He jokes around with me or teases me and I throw it right back, we both laugh. He has shared some personal things with me w/o me asking, which I deeply appreciate but there are times that I don't know if he just likes me as a friend or more. They are complicated and I don't think one definition fits them justly. To be honest I feel like I'm being interrogated with all the questions (which I don't mind) but I also feel like I'm being tested for some reason. Weird uh?

    My advice share some personal stuff about yourself with them. If you don't call or txt. him for a while and he calls or txts you back he may be interested.
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  • aj_ryan10 answered 5 years ago
    Im a scorpio girl. And the way I let a guy know i like them is by them simply asking me. Im too shy to come right out and say it. But if they ask me, I have to be honest!
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  • babydoll32 answered 5 years ago
    The two Scorpio guys I know-if they like you-they will joke around with you, feel comfortable being themselves around you and tell you how they feel and, they may be kinda protective of you


    guy friend that's a scorpio and brother in law that's a scorpio
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  • CuriousIcon answered 5 years ago
    he cares and sacrfify everything for u
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  • Gussage P Ussage answered 5 years ago
    Ask Him!


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  • Matt answered 5 years ago
    By not listening to superstitious bullshit and read social queues.
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