PGE (power bill) so high. Does anyone know?

Our power bill this month was $600.00. We live in a small house and do not have thermostatic heaters. We called the power company (Pacific Gas and Electric) and questioned the bill. The electric part was the really high charge. The person we talked to said it was the little space heaters and the electric blankets that use all the electricity. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    1 decade ago
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    They're idiots! I asked them about my bill and was told to check the meters and call back with the meter information. I live in an apartment complex and could not find the meters, then paid the bill. Got my next month's bill and those crooks had overcharged me. I got credit on my bill for six months.

    I hate PG&E! Make sure they checked your meter and not someone else's and that they have the correct reading on your meter.

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