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comments on pittsburgh pirates?

do they have money and are cheap or they really dont have any. how could they not do anything and expect to win

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    The Pirates don't win because their ownership sucks. They don't want to spend money and are constantly in "rebuilding" mode: ie, they constantly trade for more minor leaguers to rebuild their system when they don't have to.

    The Pirates could win if they had a decent owner. The ownership is all over the places, with different people have different parts in it and, in short, it's a mess.

    Basically, the Pirates' ownership pockets the money and won't dish any out for their team. That's the difference between winning teams and losing teams -- winning teams have owners who care.

    I've said this before and I still firmly believe it: if the Pirates ownership sold the team to Mark Cuban, the Bucs would be a winning team. Pittsburgh would be a powerhouse. Steelers, Pirates, Penguins, Panthers (University of Pittsburgh, for basketball).

    But the owners don't want the Pirates to win, so they won't sell to Mark Cuban. Their excuse is that they think he'll take the team out of Pittsburgh (and other petty things), but it's so far from true. Cuban would leave the Bucs in Pittsburgh and he'd make a pretty mint from them too. The difference is that he would invest in the team.

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    They don;t have too much money compared to other teams. But they have enough where they could spend it better and more.

    The situation in Pittsburgh is bad. The ownership of the team is terrible. Like someone else said, they don't spend the money wisely. They will pocket the money, and just do nothing with it. They bring in players in the organization that won't help, i.e. Matt Morris.

    In the draft, they would pick lower so that they wouldn't have to pay too much for the pick. Finally, they drafted Alvarez and paid him the money so they would have a quality draft pick in front of them.

    It's just stupid ownership, that's the reason they are so bad and didn't do anything. But they did some good moves getting prospects and have a good future ahead of them.

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    What they need to do is fire every body and start from scratch. The people who made PNC park said if they built the field that we would have a winning team by the next five years. That Never Happened. People go to the pirate games to see the park not the team and they keep getting money so there not going to change anything until they go broke

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    Pittsburgh Pirates are most likely the worst team in the MLB, maybe the second worst behind the Royals. The Pirates have traded away their two best players (Bay and Nady) for prospects. And they have no money. They suck.

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    I guess they don't have money and would prefer to use their minor league players I think? I don't know cause I rarely see them play. They used to be a good team when the late Roberto Clemente was there but since then they've been terrible. They suck simple as that. No offense to Pirates fans. They need new ownership, BADLY.

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    They suck!

    2009 Record: 55-107

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    They are in complete rebuild mode. They traded away Bay and Nady for prospects and stuff.

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    hey! if they help my team win on average 18 games a season, let them hang around a while longer

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    Yes they are rebuilding, its ashamed what has happen to that franchise, Stargel, Parker, Clemente, Friend, Law, Face......

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    3 words:

    World Champs 2009

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