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How do I get a circular knitting needle cord to stop twisting?

Hi knitters!

I am a new knitter and just got my first pair of circular needles. Before I even start a project how to I get the cord to stop twisting and lay flat? It is a vinyl cord. Any ideas would be so appreciated and thanks in advance for your help.

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    i answered this question few weeks ago as well

    If you dip them in really hot water and then straighten them out, weight down straight while they cool. that's supposed to help uncurl them, if you're using bamboo keep the wood out of water.

    according to link below:

    here's a tip on uncurling circular needles

    If you knit with BOYE needles or SUSAN BATES needles, or any METAL circular needles which have a CLEAR NYLON cable, here's how to uncurl the cable and make it behave:

    Dip the cable into boiling water for a few seconds. When you dip, include that part of the needles where the cable attaches

    note: make sure you read the comments for bamboo needles on the source link provided below!

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    Susan Bates Circular Knitting Needles

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    The trick with hot water is a good one. Just be sure to dunk the cord only, and not the part where the cord joins the tips. Even metal needles can be damaged as hot water will melt the glue.

    When storing your needles in future, hang them from the centre of the cord with the tips hanging down at each side. This helps prevent any future curling, and saves having to straighten them each time you use them.

    Source(s): Experience! =)
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    Here's an easy way to fix a twisted cord: Get a glass of hot water & dunk the cord only in the water for a few seconds. Pull out, dry & tug a little to help straighten. If there's still a lot of twist left in it, put it back in the hot water again & repeat process. It also helps to take the circular needle out of it's package & don't store it curled up. That will help keep the twist out of the cord for future use. The weight of your yarn & stitches will also help pull the twist out of it the more you use it. I love my circulars & knit everything on them. Hope this helps. Happy Untwisted Knitting.

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    Certain brands are very coiled, and won't come straight! But try the hot water trick. I use very hot water, even boiling if you can. I hold them in there for quite a long time -- a minute perhaps. Pull it out and quickly hold them as straight as possible. They cool off really fast. Hold them that way for about another minute. That should work. Some will curl back up but not as much. Then don't wind them back up to put into the package.

    I really like the knitpicks circular needles. I got the set last year, and just love them! The cables are very soft and they don't curl up like some other brands. See if you can get one or two at least. They have them in nickle and in gorgeous wood. (I don't get a commission!!)

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    Welcome to the wonderful world of knitting.

    To get those cords to be straight just dip them in some very hot water for a couple seconds and then pull them straight as they cool. You may need to do this a couple times but it should work.

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    They make round needles in 16" and 12" circumference. They promote them on-line and in craft shops like Michael's and AC Moore. in case you acquire the 29" needle, i'd propose returning it and getting your self a shorter your self the hardship and

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