where is the state of Israel ?

Where is the State of Israel since the Palestinian land is not theirs, where Israeli ground and if there is no ground on what basis is called the State?

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    There's a map on Wikipedia highlighting the region (State of Israel), and as to the answers above I'd recommend that you skim past them as they're obviously brainwashed or very biased. In general, the entire region once belonged to the Arabic nation. It was one solid country before the Arab Revolt, that was initiated with the aim of securing independence from the corrupted ruling Ottoman Turks, and even before the ruling Turks the region was inhabited and ruled by the Arabs for a long period of time, so it was theirs!

    How did the Jews ended up with a country there? Well, as you can see the Arabs had to rebel against the ruling Turks at that time, but they didn't have the means nor the power to do so, for that reason Britain offered to help, if the Arabs got involved in World War 1 alongside Britain and which they agreed to do. After the Revolt was over Britain got little greedy along with France and Italy, they had some kind of "expand your country fetish" at that time, so they dominated the whole area, the Arabs were still shaken after two wars and the allied countries were more powerful at that time so the former couldn't stop the occupation. Britain France & Italy divided the "booty" between them so that 1) each of them could have their own share 2) and implementing the divide and conquer strategy, that way the Arabic nation will be too divided to form another revolt against them!

    The Arabs didn't let that slide easily, after they regained their strength each country started fighting for their indpendency. Meanwhile, the allies were forming secret plots with the US to form a country for the Jews in Palestine ,which was occupied by Britain at that time. Why come up with a sneaky devious Scheme? because the US Government ever since the dawn of men liked to have the upper hand in the world. So they plotted all of these plans to make sure that these countries will remain divided and unpowerful (according to US when 22 countries are united they might end up more powerful than any other country in the world ) and Palestine is a strategic country for so many reasons, and for that the plots were implemented very carefully and then Israel happened.

    This explains why America is ALWAYS supporting Israel no matter what, it's not in their advantage to let Palestine, or the arab countries for that matter, thrive and posper. Israel is their way to controling the entire region and giving them the 411 on every thing going in there. As we're speaking, the Us are shipping new weapons and bombs to Israel to be used in their criminal acts, when the former is fully aware of the children and innocents dying from this Israeli genocide!

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    The State of Israel is at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea, west of the Jordan River, south of Lebanon, and east of the Egyptian Sinai. There is no Palestinian state (apart from Jordan) because the Arabs rejected the UN Partition Plan in 1947 and launched a losing war against the newly-established Israeli state. It is called a state because it is an internationally-recognised sovereignty.

    Or were you just baiting Israel haters?

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    You really did not study history at your school did you? Or did you sleep in that class?

    In recorded history there has never been a country called Palestine, however, in about 132 a.d. the Roman Emperor because he was upset with the continued rebellion of the Jewish people in Israel called the land Palestinena.

    Prior to that, Egyptian history circa 2500 b.c. Assyrian, Babylon, Greek and Roman there never was some one or think called Palestine people.

    There is historical records of the Jewish people in this land from 1200 b.c. until to days time.

    Again it is recorded in the history of the countries that I said before.

    Now as to the Palestinian people they were nomads that none of the Arab countries wanted in their lands and they kept telling them to move away from them, this includes Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Trans Jordan.

    In 1967 Yassar Arafat declared there to be a country called Palestine at the Khartoum Conference.

    Sorry but they are the ones who are with out a leg to stand on. The Palestinians that is or and you as well.

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    Gee Dedo. I had no idea you could repeal the decisions of the United Nations. By the way, the land you live on was stolen from the Native Americans. Where do you plan to move to?

    By the way. There's a Temple sitting in Jerusalem that was built long long before the Dome of the Rock was. It was built by the Israelis and Jerusalem was their capital city at the time.

    Why don't you go ride your tricycle or something?

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    In the history of the world, there has never been a country called "Palestine." Israel has been a country for the past 60 years.

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    Palestine has never been a country or state. No such thing.

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