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Has anyone received their Extended Unemployment Benefits yet? In Florida?

I mailed out the form on Nov. 23rd for Extended Unemployment Benefits for the state of Florida. It is coming upon 2 months next week & I have not received any word from Agency of Workforce Innovation. One problem I notice is that, there is only 1 phone number going to AWI & they seem as though they are understaffed. Also, the OneStop Centers aren't any help. I'd like to hear if anyone has received their "EXTENDED Unemployment Benefits" since the day President Bush signed it. People are going broke right now>

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    I finally got mine. They don't tell you if you are getting them. More than likely you are, but they DO NOT answer the phone. Nobody gets through to the unemployment office, so obviously they are not answering the phone at all. FL is a horrible state. Here is a link to a blog of people who are having major problems in FL:

    Source(s): Live in Central FL in a city with almost 10% unemployment. It is horrible here.
  • 1 decade ago

    My daughter has not even received her first check. She filed in November 2008 and has not received one penny. You cannot get anyone on the phone and the one stop centers are useless.

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