loan help please. UK only 10 points best answer?

I am currently in debt of 4000 with about 7 diffrent companys. They all are demanding a certain amount each month which all adds up to more than my income so I need a loan of 4000 to pay these companys back and then just pay one company. I have been advised on that iva option but that will affect me having credit for 6 years where defaults wont affect me as much. I have really bad credit, please just note if you know a company that may give me a loan. 10 points best answer

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    1 decade ago
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    Considering you say you have bad credit and are experiencing difficulties at this time I don't think any financial institution would give you any type of loan much less a personal loan that wouldn't even be collaritized. I don't understand what your questions is about another option that would be better than defaults.

  • 1 decade ago

    Don't try. Contact the Money Adviser at your local Citizens Advice Bureau - they may be able to negotiate reduced payments with the loan companies if you are struggling.

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