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Black women bleaching vs white women tanning?

I saw on the Tyra Banks show today that some African American women use bleaching creams to lighten their skin.

I think everyone should be happy in their own skin, don't get me wrong.

But is this that much different from white women using tanning beds, and sprays/creams to achieve a darker skin tone?

I mean, the women on the show didn't want to be Caucasian, they just wanted a lighter skin tone (like Beyonce, Halle Berry etc).

Why is it so much more taboo for a black woman to want a different skin tone?

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    People should do whatever they want with their bodies if it makes them happy.

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    I think that most African-Americans find it bad because they think that the darker people want to be white but that's not true. I find nothing wrong with it. We all want what we can't have. Darker people want to be lighter, lighter people want to be darker. People with curly hair want straight hair and people with straight hair want curly hair. It's just the way the world is and I see nothing wrong with women using bleaching cream if they are not happy with themselves.

    Also it does not help that dark skinned girls are considered unattractive (I'm talking very dark, like very black not brown). They believe that if they are lighter they will get more attention, which is actually quite true. I go to a predominantly black school and one of the things people comment on are how dark someone. They will make jokes such as if they turn off the lights you won't be able to see them and very dark skin is associated with ugliness. It's kind of sad.

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    Bleaching creams don't really lighten the skin overall...if they did, there wouldn't be so many women in Africa dying or being seriously injured by unregulated bleaching products.

    What legitimate bleaching creams do is even the skin tone...lightening discolourations and hyperpigmentation to blend in with the rest of the skin.

    I used a bleaching product for years to lighten a scar and the scar finally blended in but the colour of the rest of my skin didn't change.

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    When you think about it, they are pretty much the same thing, just opposite sides of the same coin.

    However, white women have not been systematically denigrated for being white, and were always considered the epitome of beauty. They can artificially plump up their lips, embrace them as their own, and then be given credit for having them. You do not see America salivating over Sherill Lee Ralph's or Leontyne Price's lips, and they are genuine succulent killers.

    Black women, on the other hand, were deemed ugly incarnate, and are still subject to millions of daily messages telling them that they are no good as is, that they must "whiten up" to really be attractive. Nevertheless, black women, along with black men, decided some time ago that we will not whiten up, especially just to please others.

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    Most black people say they are proud of their skin tone and that they are black and if they were happy they wouldn't be using creams and stuff to lighten their skin .. If you are happy with yourself you don't do things to change it that goes for whites too... I would love to be darker.. I don't want to be black but I want to have a nice tan.. Therefore I am happy with my race just not my skin tone!*

    Blacks shouldn't be judged so much .. I have also seen people make comments about black people that tan when they are already REALLY black.. I was told it is healthy for their skin* makes it prettier*

    It's not bad if blacks use creams but if you are like Michael Jackson and go from black man to white woman that's when it looks bad on you

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    People are biased and i guess Tyra's show surely was!

    Anyway i don't see any difference in people bleaching/tanning/using hair growth products/ using fake eyelashes ...everyone wants to look beautiful though the definition changes with every person!

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    i don't know i don't think it is that big of a deal I mean it is their body their choice why are they so hard on themselves. If they think that it would look better just like I think I look better with a tan who cares it is what they like who cares.

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    That's a good question, but I couldn't answer it because I am not a black woman. I hope you get the answer that you are looking for :)

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    we always want what we dont have. they want change without it they get bored.

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