Hi, I'm currently waiting at Stansted Airport, UK (yes, this IS an R&S question)...?

Before I got into Departures, I tried to use a public internet service.

It didn't work.

I lost £2.00.

I tried information, but they couldn't help me.

I was VERY irritated.

I complained to the Lord about this.

Went through security, and got into Departures.

Saw some of the same terminals.

Guess what?

There was one free WITH JUST OVER £2.00 credit on it.

Isn't the Lord wonderful? So condescending and attentive.

Now the question -

Do YOU have any testimonies of God's goodness re "the little things", which have blessed & encouraged YOU?

Thanks in advance for your time.



For all those answerers who are so concerned about the starving in Africa -


when did YOU last donate a significant amount of YOUR time, energy or money to help alleviate their suffering?

With all due respect,

has it never occurred to you that maybe God uses PEOPLE to help the suffering?

How about it, YOU in the affluent West?


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    That's awesome. Yes, I will share one experience.. Actually it was the experience of a good friend. She was in danger of losing her job because she refused to address a transsexual co-worker as a "she", when he was born a "he". She felt such a strong conviction against it. One of the managers threatened her, and it was difficult, but she respectfully stood her ground. The issue then went to the head manager of the store...who turned out to be a Christian, and offered her a promotion to another department. While her new schedule was being made up it was discovered that the store owed her for some overtime she had done. She was then awarded an entire week off, paid, and it just happened to fall on the week of her birthday.

    God is good indeed!

  • Niamh
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    Thanks for sharing. Firstly though I don't really like the word condescending as to me it comes across as a derogatory word but I will share one experience with you.

    Sunday just gone I went to Mass. I've been suffering with an extremely painful knee and when I went to kneel to pray the pain was absolutely excruciating (so much so that I squealed). I therefore sat back on the pew and lent forward instead.

    Just after was time to receive the Blessed Sacrament. I don't personally agree with hand Communion and have always "received" on the tongue and on my knees. I approached the Priest and knelt down. I felt no pain whatsoever in my knee.

    I didn't realise at the time what had happened until I left Mass. God Bless you and wherever you are heading I wish you a happy journey.

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    I once missed a very early flight by being a few minutes too late to reach the check-in. Despite not having any luggage and the plane still being loaded up, I was not allowed on. I was very upset at the delay and having to buy another flight. Waiting in the lounge, I looked at my Bible. It was open at the Psalm that says, "Your love, O Lord, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies." (36:5) A good verse with which to board a flight, even a much later, more expensive one!

    As the plane took off, it went through the lowering clouds that had made for such a dark, wet morning. It broke through above the clouds to brilliant sunshine, and then I saw it - on top of the fluffy white clouds below the plane was a perfectly circular rainbow! And in its centre was the shadow of the plane. That verse flooded my mind and my heart was filled with joy. The Lord whispers His assurances to our fretful hearts and speaks peace into them. The means, on that occasion, was the brockenspectre. Such things are there for those with eyes to see and faith to learn their meaning.

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    Just the other week I was feeling desperately tired and depressed about work in particular and life in general. I woke up one morning after about 4 hours' sleep and lay there, tossing and turning till the alarm went off. I was hardly able to haul myself out of bed to get under the shower and I had to force myself to go to work. I was too exhausted to weep.

    Then I got an email from a dear Christian friend who quoted me this scripture: "Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labour in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain. In vain you rise early and stay up late, toiling for food to eat - for he grants sleep to those he loves." Psalm 127: 1-2.

    Isn't the Lord wonderful? He condescended to deal with my teeny little problem, and was so attentive to my needs he sent someone to help me. Praise the Lord, for he knows our every need, even before we can articulate it. Since then I have been careful to praise God and thank him every morning for all the blessings he bestows upon me and to quit complaining! Guess what? I've been sleeping like a log!

    Happy landings!

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    what you call the lord, i call fate

    and yes, plenty small and large things i can say fate had a hand in

    your welcome ;-)


    "For all those answerers who are so concerned about the starving in Africa -


    when did YOU last donate a significant amount of YOUR time, energy or money to help alleviate their suffering?

    With all due respect,

    has it never occurred to you that maybe God uses PEOPLE to help the suffering?

    How about it, YOU in the affluent West?"

    just because we live in what you call the "affluent west" doesnt mean we are all full of cash to give away, life sucks, for ALL of us, money wise, its just the rich who it doesnt suck for money wise, and west doesnt mean rich, rich means rich

    i give when i CAN which in all truth is not often, but i can assure you, one of the first thoughts im my mind, now that i have come in to a small amount of money, is to give to the pdsa, the animal charity

    im not saying this to defend myself or explain myself to you or anyone, im saying it because you clearly misunderstand that chritsian means helpful and kind, and non christian means the opposite, as YOU are the one who said these things

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    I couldn't begin to tell you all the little things the Lord has done for me. I used to be a person in limbo, no use for a god or religion at all. Many things happened to me and I now know if it weren't for God? Anyhow, I know he will always take care of me if I just let him do so.

    It just make me happy to see anyone recognize the little thing and attribute them to God. God Bless!!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    What is so surprising to you :))

    I was taught that expecting a parking place to be free exactly where I wanted could produce results.

    Believe me it works :))))

    If we lead a spiritually focused life why would not the little things work for us. If we are always ready to help, the universe automatically orders our life for the best.

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    Way too many to list but here's one.

    I'd always heard that when rain turns to snow it's an awesome sight. I'd never seen that and it sounded really beautiful. I was thinking about it one day on my way home from work and voila!!! It happened. It was the most amazing thing I've ever seen.

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    I once spent a whole night praying for someone who had cancer- they died. I wept and cried out to God when my stepfather was taken sweriously ill. He died.

    An old woman I know once proclaimed that she had only 38p left in her purse and prayed to god and went to a shop and behold there was a loaf of bread for 38p

    moral. God is bloody useless at pretty much everyting except keeping idiots happy with crumbs.

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    Yes, I went into this Musical School just some months ago & they conducted a theory test right after 2 months .........only those who did B or above got into First Semester..........I worked very hard for this test but still I did sh*t in the test...........I continually prayed & the results came in & I got B.......yipee.........Then after a week I heard that our theory test papers kept inside a store room got all wet somehow.........I just couldn't believe it all other papers were dry only those papers got wet.

    The teacher gave us all B by default

    Source(s): Destined to be a Maestro for Future Gaza
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