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How to solve a rubik's cube from any form using one algorithm?

Does anyone know of an algorithm of any length that can be used to solve a rubiks cube from any form? I dont want a step by step process i want an algorithm that can solve a rubiks cube from any form. 10 points for the person who answers best.


an online solver would be nice i need a link tho i do know notation so that is fine

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    there is no such thing as ONE-TIME algorithm that solves any kind of scrambled cube.

    However, there is an algorithm called "God's Algorithm" that is the algorithm that is the fasted way to solve one cube.

    ill teach you properly if you contact me.


    ill help you in any way i can.

    Or i recommend you go to Youtube and search for Pogobat

    he's the main rubik's cube teacher that teaches you STEP BY STEP very carefully

    hope this helped, man.


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    There is an online solver called Cube Explorer. The link is . You download the program and then enter what the pieces are on each side, the colors. Then it'll pop up with an algorithm that solves the cube in the least possible amount of moves.

    People say God's algorithm, but Cube Explorer is God's algorithm. God's algorithm simply solves the cube in the least possible amount of moves, but the algorithm isn't always the same. Cube Explorer tells you these algorithms.

    If you're looking for one algorithm repeated to solve the cube, there is one called the T Permutation, which is used for blindfold solving. It is also known as the Pochmann Method, but just search up T Permutation since that is the most commonly used name for it.

    I hope this helped and good luck!

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    There is no such thing as "one" algorithm which can solve any scrambled cube. (If there is one everyone in the world would complete the cube in less than 3 seconds)

    Therefore, step by step is the best way.

    But, if you want to solve your cube with an computer solver, try cube explorer:

    It can access the webcam. You can scan your cube using a webcam and then solve it for you.

  • You are referring to god's algorithm (the one algorithm specific to your scrambled cube that can solve it in approx. 25 moves) there are too many different permutations of the cube to allow for this to be practical. Online solvers use a method as well, none of them do it in the way mentioned above.

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    you can use online solvers where you input ur scramble and then you get a few algorithms how to solve the cube however you first need to know the notations like R,U'etc.

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    I don't think there is one. check out how to solve a rubiks cube on youtube. Its by pogobat (dan Brown)

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    cube explorer is the best way to go-

    or if you do not want to download anything go to


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    if you want one long algorithm just look up blindfold method

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