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Did Any Of You Watch Levin Rambin (ex AMC Lily/Ava) On The "Terminator" Show?

After she left AMC she got picked up for "The Sarah Connor Chronicles".

Any of you see her on that show?

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    I watch The Terminator religiously! At first, I couldn't place her b/c I haven't watched AMC in awhile but I figured it out by the end of the first episode she was in of Terminator. I'm not sure how we're suppossed to feel about her character; if she's good or bad. She def has an ulterior motive since she's undercover from the future. But, all in all, I like her protrayl. I don't even think about AMC when I watch her now. She's really made this other character her own.

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    i watch terminator and i like her character riley.

    Source(s): soap opera's SUCK terminator ROCKS!
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