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what does it cost to replace screen on flat screen tv?

Need to replace screen on 37" flat screen TV and wonder how much it might cost? Is it better to just get a new TV?

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    You're better off getting a new TV.

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    Flat Screen Tv Repair Cost

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    It depends on the brand and exact model. Some screens cost as little as $100-150. Some cost over $500.

    Call your local electronic repair shop and ask for a free quote on a new screen for your TV and an estimate for installation. You may find that it is cheaper to fix your TV than to buy new. Also, you can sometimes find used screens on Craig's List for pretty cheap, especially if they are on a TV that is broken for another reason.

    If the TV is several years old or if it is a budget brand, you're better off just buying a new TV.

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    Flat Screen Repair

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    It cost more than a new TV to replace the screen, models change so quickly that there never seams to be any spare parts around for the older ones.

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    Get a new TV, you can call in and ask but to get the parts and the service, also how long it takes to replace it, it will cost both in time and money. I would get another TV.

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      You should definitely change your moniker!

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    I've had this problem twice. I tried to fix it both times and the cost was prohibitive. Buy a new one, but don't do it at Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is the evil pit of despair for people all over the world. Buy from Sears or any other store. No Wal-mart, Sam's Club or any other business Wal-Mart has a stake in. Wal-Mart destroys communities and the economy.

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    Time to get a new TV.

    Mom always said, "Don't play ball in the house". lol

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    about 354$ thats how much myne cost in florida and it was the same size as urs

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    it would be cheaper to just get a new tv, but its up to you

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