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What do I need to do before I start making a film?

Please give specifics and write down by step-to-step action. I'll give you 10 points if I think your information are good enough for my assignment. Thanks.

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    Well, first, I'm more than happy to answer to help if you're interested in making a film or creating a career in the industry. But doing your assignment for you isn't exactly the right thing for anyone to do...right? ;)

    With that in mind, I can give you a rough outline, but you need to understand that there is A LOT to know about making a film. Far more than the space here would allow for. So look for links at the bottom of this to additional resources that WILL help you.

    The basic "procedure" is this:

    - have an idea. It can't just be any idea. It has to be one that will fulfill the goals you have for making the movie. What that means is that, some movies are meant to be informational, others are meant to entertain, while others are made for nothing more than profit potential. One might hope that all three could be done at the same time, but that isn't often the case. So, as you think of what to make your movie ABOUT, first think about why you're making it in the first place then go from there.

    - Write it. All great movies begin with a solid screenplay. Sometimes just one writer is credited and sometimes it takes multiple writers to figure the story out. Regardless, a screenplay with realistic characters and believable situations is the foundation for every great film.

    - Pre-Production. Break the script down. Every element of the script must be considered in terms of how you will achieve the task of turning those words into real actions that can then be captured on film. Everything from locations, to costumes, and special effects and camera and lighting and makeup and props and transportation (for cast and crew) and meals and visual effects and location sound and post-production sound...EVERYTHING that should be considered and planned for must be thought about during pre-production. The production stage of making a movie is too expensive and time intensive for you to sit around the set figuring things out while the cast and crew wait.

    You will find locations that are appropriate for the story, that are practical to shoot in, and are available. Sometimes movies that require specific locations aren't greenlit purely because the locations are unattainable because of scheduling or are cost-prohibitive.

    You'll cast the movie. Auditions will be held where you find real people who are capable of "becoming" the characters who are written on the page. For very expensive movies that require a profit, A-list stars are chosen because of their marketing potential, sometimes regardless of whether they are truly appropriate to the story or not.

    A UPM and an AD will work with the Producer(s) to plan the logistics of shooting in terms of money and scheduling. They take into account the availability of the locations, the talent, and any release requirements imposed by the movie studio/production company.

    Additional creative and technical crew are hired, such as the Production Designer, the Costume Designer, the Director of Photography and anyone else who is pertinent to the planning of the project. Those department heads will hire those "below" them and the crew will eventually fill out in time for the first day of shooting.

    It's like building a house. Plan on paper. Draw it out. Figure out what materials you need. Figure out how many people and which specialists you need. Find the money to finance it. Hire everyone. Then start building.

    That's as "step-by-step" as it can get in this type of forum. For the COMPLETE story of how a movie gets made from start to finish, see the links below.

    Good luck!

    Brian Dzyak


    IATSE Local 600, SOC

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    1. get an idea.

    2. create a story line, characters, details and so forth.

    3. put all of that into a rough draft.

    4. finalize it

    5. think of a realistic budget for the movie

    6. add about a quarter or double the money you think you will need

    7. design a story board of everything you want, IE camera shots, lighting, all that happy stuff

    8. find locations, actors, and crew

    9. start filming, and have fun

    10. break out the popcorn and enjoy your masterpiece.

    I could be wrong on this, I'm just using some logical thinking so I may have missed some things I don't know about because I never actually studied it as an actual profession.

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    Well you should have a crew and many departments that will deal with the pre-production. Like the production department (location, food and everything in between) the art department (props, set dressers, art directors) the camera crew and the grips, etc.

    Doesnt have to be a big crew, thats depending on your film but you should definitely surround yourself with people that are educated on the subject.

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    Well, it depends if your making a short film with just some friends or a feature film like Star Wars.

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    Go to uni and study film. That's really the best way

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