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At what point are the powers that be going to fix the East vs West discrepancy in the NBA?

Here we are in another season and still the Western conference is far superior to the East. I know about Boston and Cleveland, even Detroit and Orlando are ok but outside of those 4 elite teams (and Atlanta and Miami are nearly there but) Everyone else in the East is under .500? The West is exactly opposite and has the same number of playoff spots to go all the way. I know its still quite early in the season but it just doesn't seem right to me that a team can go 30-52 and make the playoffs over a team that goes 50-32 and over the course of the past few years the same trend has held true. It seems to me that they need to take an NFL approach and just split up the teams arbitrarily not by geography. like a ABA and a BBA or whatever with LA Lakers on team A and the Clippers on team B. New Jersey team A New York team B and that way there wouldn't be a huge gap in conferences. I understand there are elite teams and then there is everyone else but if you split it differently then you would not be able to claim that it's the strength of the Conference holding you back/excelling


... Check the winning pct. of each side moron... the last few years the number 5,6,7,8 ranked teams from each conference. West is definatly stronger as a conference as a whole. And so the East had 1 strong team of 16 big deal. I frankly dont care what team you like I am talking about the entire conference.

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    This is what trades and drafting are for. As for the FOOL who made the comment about the "wimpy Hollywood" teams, I guess he hasn't looked at the records of the teams who have gone to the playoffs from the East VS. the West every year. The East sends teams with sub .500 records to the playoffs every year while the West has had teams with more than 50 wins not make the playoffs. Also the thing to consider, since the Bulls dominance ended the west wins 4 titles for every 1 an East team gets.

    It sounds to me like the East IS weaker if they can't win titles very often. The best Winning percentage in ALL of sports (not just basketball) belongs to San Antonio, a Western Conference team.

    Boston figured out the formula, poach the players from the West. They got Garnett and Allen from teams in the West at "fire sale" trades and it's made them an NBA elite again. The teams days as a powerhouse are numbered because the players the picked-up have a lot of years and mileage on them, but it paid of right away for them. It got them a title the first year they played together.

    But the West is LOADED with teams of this level of strength, and the face off every night, making each other better. That is why it's hard for a team from the East to beat them. That it also why Boston won't repeat this year.

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    It all balances out in the end and over years. For that matter, the top 4 in the east if most likely better than the top 4 in the west right now. The west basically goes LA, San Antonio, and New Orleans.

    Most fans do not want to mess with tradition and lose rivalry games. The same with the NFL, they have made every effort to become more geographical in moving Arizona and all, but tradition is more important. Thus the NFC East still has NY, Philly, Washington and Dallas.

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    Actually, the East is good this year... And all though the West may have more teams that can win games, the East won the title last year, so obviously its stronger...

    EDIT: Was that extra stuff directed at me?

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    You are retarded. East has Boston, Cleveland, Atlanta, Orlando, Detroit, West has,,, Lakers,

    Source(s): Hey a$$fuc% You want to check the teams the West are playing?? No wonder they have a higher winning percentage THEY PLAY BAD TEAMS. What happens most of the time when your wimpy Hollywood teams come out to the East? They get beat!
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    this is america...capitalism...why should any 'powers that be' determine a roster...they already have a salary's the general manager's job to do the rest with draft picks and smart trades, while not imploding the future with dumb contracts...

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