Is phoenix ,arizona a nice place to live?

How is the job market? I am an esthetician( spa) and a plastic surgery assistant ( med asst). The cost of living on craigslist looks affordable compared to where i live now( chicago). Are there a lot of out door activites? I like the heat and miss it as I lived in Texas most my life~

appreciate any help. Thanks

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    There are A LOT of Spas, Salons and Resorts in Scottsdale, Tempe East Mesa and the Foothills. Within 10 Miles of each other there are 3 massage schools (one that I know teaches Aesthetics), so there will be competition. But those Scottsdale people love their pampering!

    I would go for Mesa, Arizona. They are developing like crazy out there. Homes are at very good prices and jobs are a little easier to come by out there.

    I generally hate it here, but if you can deal with the dry heat, brown scenery and very sprawling city; then go for it!

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    it is a starting to be and sprawling city with a lot of freeways, and in no way ending suburban sprawl in all guidelines. Couple that in with picturesque mountains on 3 aspects, with a pair of small mountain buttes interior city limits, makes for a picturesque city. PHX variety is commonly made out of Hispanics, and Whites, sprinkled with community community, Blacks, and some Asians (many who've those days moved from CA). Phoenix for my area is attempting to make itself la without the coastline. There are wallet of wealth throughout, extra so in the in cities of Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, and Glendale. North Scottsdale and North PHX are parts the position they're comparitively priced like la, then you genuinely have the East Valley cities that are outfitted up and homes should be chanced on in the 300K - 400K variety, and in the West Valley it tiers from the 100K - 400K variety, and in the a approaches off parts like Casa Grande, Maricopa, Queen Creek, Apache Junction, Florence, and Buckeye homes there are inexpensive in the 100K to 200K variety besides. on the prompt, it is a depressed market, the position it is a lot less confusing to discover a cheap homestead because there is too many homes for sale than there are purchasers. The monetary equipment of the area is made up specifically of provider oriented industries, authorities and retail and those days structure. there is little technical and technologies oriented jobs yet on the grounds that Arizona State college is placed in Tempe, AZ (suburb south of PHX) and has 4 campuses spread out by the metro in the West Valley, at downtown and the Polytechnic campus in Mesa, technical and technologies jobs have become a lot extra available.

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    As I've only visited there, I can only tell you about the heat. In the Phoenix area it is much more humid than it once was so you'll feel more uncomfortable than if it were drier. This is happening because of the increase in the introduction of non-native vegetation.

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    of course, the job market isn't very good anywhere; but Phoenix is affordable and there is lots to do.

    You can hike or golf (or whatever you like to do outside) year round as long as you avoid the hottest parts of the day during the summertime

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    im from NY & i have a friend that lives there & when i went down there i loved it ; i thought it was going to be boring and stuff but its actually really nice ; its way better then NY

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    oh yes... it's a considerable place to live... a nice town... i can tell you that you're going to have a nice time...

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    H O T

  • only if you like cactuses and tumblewweds.

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