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Im a near straight A student, with the exception of maths. Im currently on a grade U. Its dropped from B, to C, to D, to E to U. I need to take maths at a level to do the course I want at Uni, and need a good way of learning everything upto grade A in about 4 months. Ive always been crap at maths, and im having private tuition but I need alot more to get a pass grade. Any Ideas?


Im on overall A in science, A* In biology and Chemistry, and B in physics.

Update 2:

P.S im taking the higher paper, I think its edexcel. My teacher told me since I want to push myself to get a B, and that I would have failed on the foundation anyway I may aswell go for the higher paper. She is trying her best too, she helps me every lunchtime and afterschool going over the stuff I learned in class.

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    GCSE is bloody simple. Try taking the HKCEE additional maths...

    A C in the HKCEE = an A in GCSE.

    Ill tell you what i did - just do maths.

    2 hours a day - every day.

    1 hour a day during exam-time.

    Keep that up and youll get through the exam fine

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    Out of interest, how do you find physics? If you are good at physics then when you get to a-level take as many "mechanics" modules as you can.

    Are you taking the higher, intermediate, or lower paper. Make sure that you are taking the appropriate paper. Focus only on the most important concepts that you will need for your exam, and try to practise them every day. The key is understanding, rather than learning, so make sure that your tutor has you understand everything with lots of practices, doing parts of questions and so on. Good luck!

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