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3.卡爾‧馬克思有關共產黨主義的部分著作是在大英圖書館完成的。那里有海量的藏書(communism;splendid collection)


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    1. ‧ David Beckham arrived in Japan, the excited fans rushed to greet the (thilled)

    2. To celebrate my cousin's wedding, my aunt and uncle 1 a night (wedding; arenge)

    3. Karl Marx ‧ relevant part of the Communist Party's book is in the British Library completed. There are massive collections (communism; splendid collection)

    4. Museum of ancient clay pots with its bright color and exquisite craft attracted artists throughout the country (pot; nationwide; workmanship)

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    1.When David Beckham went to Japan, all of his fans rushed to welcome him.

    2.2. My auntie and uncle arrange a party for my cousin’s wedding.

    3.The part of communism by Karl Marx’s works are done in the Britain library. There is a splendid collection of books inside the library.

    4.The bright color and the delicate skills of the ancient pot attracts all of the artists nationwide.

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