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    Lunar New Year because both relations, the mainland has been a full cessation of operation of the factory, we have the maximum out of skirts and pants model and will be sent to you early next week.

    The remaining sample would immediately after the resumption of work at the factory out of your patience.

    In addition, the model A of the cloth, set a longer period of cloth, and the integrity of the most important event of the Chinese New Year holidays, I am afraid to catch up with the goods at the end of period, the plant will be the best delivery XXXX

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    Factories in China have already ceased operation due to the upcoming Chinese New Year holidays. We have tried our best to come up with the sample of the skirt-type pants, and will send it to you next week. We will work on the other samples immediately when the factories re-open. Your understanding is much appreciated.

    The ordering time for the fabrics of sample A is longer than usual. In addition, due to the Chinese New Year holidays, we are afraid that we cannot meet the said delivery date. The best estimated delivery date from the factory for the shipment is XXXXXX.

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    Because of Chinese New Year, the factory in China has fully ceased operation. We have tried our best to have the pantskirt samples ready and will send them to you early next week. The remaining samples will be made immediately after the factory reopens. We sincerely ask for your excuse in this matter.

    Besides, the fabric for making Sample A takes a longer time to order and it is now amid the New Year holidays that are most valued by Chinese people. I am afraid that we are unable to meet the delivery date requirement. The best delivery date for our factory will be XXXX.

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