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cologne/fragrance/perfume question?

i heard that if you taste the fragrance youre using and it stings your tounge it doesnt match up with your body chemistry and doesnt suit you.

i know this sounds ridiculous i just want to know if anyone knows about this.

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    It is ridiculous. Whether it stings your tongue depends on two things:

    1) If your silly enough to put cologne on your tongue.

    2) The ingredients. Some fragrances are mostly alcohol, while others have a higher oil content.

    If people compliment your aroma, and you like it, stick with it. If they recoil in horror, like you're Pepe LePew, you might want to change it.

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    never heard of anything like that, it suits you if you think it smells good. just dont go over board. noone likes it when you smell like your bathing in the stuff..:)

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    uhh i dont know, ive never tasted my own cologne lol, but i use black by kenneth cole, good Sh!t man

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