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‘Salem’s Lot

By: Stephen King


Ben Mears- an author, and a former citizen of the lot.

Susan Norton- a citizen of the lot, and Ben’s new girlfriend

Matt Burke- Ben’s friend

Danny Glick- a young boy and the first victim

Mike Ryerson- the local grounds keeper

Jimmy Cody- Matt’s doctor

Mark Petrie- one of Danny’s friends

Father Callahan- the local priest

Hubert “Hubie” Marsten- a deceased hit man from the lot

Mr. Barlow- one of the new owners of the Marsten house

Mr. Straker- the other new owner of the Marsten house.

The story starts in the small town of Jerusalem’s Lot (or ‘Salem’s Lot) where author Ben Mears is visiting his childhood hometown to get inspiration for his new book. Susan Norton, a fan of Ben Mears books, stopped to meet him when she spotted him at the park. They strike up a very serious relationship in this book. When asked why he had returned to the lot he said he was there to get inspiration for his next book. Being a fan of his books for years, Susan couldn’t help but ask what it was about. Ben spoke of the Marsten House, home to Hubert Marsten a hit man who was hated for his many crimes killing children. When Ben was a child, he was dared to go into the Marsten house. He walked in went all the way up to the attic, and saw Hubie Marsten’s corpse hanging from the ceiling, then Hubie’s eyes opened. Ben was traumatized. He came back now, many years later, to confront this terrible childhood memory.

Ben spent the next few days watching the Marsten house. He had just assumed it was abandoned, but he noticed that during the day the shutters were closed, and opened at night. Just like any other small town, Salem’s lot is always buzzing about with gossip. Ben knows this, so it wasn’t hard for him to find someone to fill him in on what’s been going on. He is told of two men purchasing the house, Mr. Barlow, and Mr. Straker. Only Mr. Straker has been seen in town.

Their arrival coincides with the kidnapping, of Ralphie Glick, and the death of his brother Danny. They believe Danny died of some sort of blood disease, but are unsure of what exactly it was.

After Danny’s funeral, Mike Ryerson was hired to bury him. While on his way to the job, he stumbled upon Hubert Marsten’s grave. This gave him an eerie feeling, sending chills down his spine. He began to throw dirt onto the casket. Mike started experiencing a strange feeling that they had forgotten to close the boy’s eyes. Mike couldn’t get the images out of his head he began to hear voices. The sun was setting, Mike gave in, and threw open the casket. It was like he had feared, his eyes were open.

Matt Burke headed down to the local bar, because he couldn’t sleep. There he met Mike Ryerson. Mike told him about the incident with Danny. Matt invited Mike over to his house so he wouldn’t have to be alone. He accepted the invitation.

That night Matt awoke to Mike’s voice saying, “yes come in”. Matt was terrified, he feared the worst, and almost went to help Mike, but was too afraid. Images of clown-white faces, huge eyes, and sharp teeth paraded through his head, followed by the evil laugh of a child, and then the sucking sounds.

The next morning Matt called Ben and asked him to meet him there right away, and to bring a crucifix. When Ben arrived Matt told him the whole story. He was unsure of whether it was a nightmare or if it had really happened. He hadn’t actually gone upstairs to see if Mike was really dead or not, so Ben accompanied him. Sure enough, he was dead. They called Jimmy Cody over to confirm his death, and take his body away.

Matt and Susan headed across town to go see what the autopsy results had shown. Matt went into the room where they held Mike’s body to look it over. Suddenly, Mike smiled, revealing his sharpened incisors. Mike was saying look at me, look at me, but Matt new better than to look into the hypnotizing eyes of a vampire. He ran out to the hallway, where he saw Susan. Breathing heavily he said call James Cody my doctor, I think I’m having a heart attack. He was rushed to the hospital.

Not only had the vampires gotten Danny and Mike, but also the rest of the Glick family, the Foresmans, the McDougalls, it was just a matter of time before the whole town had been transformed into blood thirsty vampires.

Ben, Susan, Matt, Jimmy, Mark, and Father Callahan met at the hospital, and decide to team up in an effort to rid their town of these vampires. Susan and Mark went to invade the Marsten house. They were caught and taken prisoners. Mr. Straker tied up Mark, and Mr. Barlow took Susan. Mark was able to escape the bindings, and wound Mr. Straker. He went to save Susan, but discovered that sh

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