How do very obese people have sex?

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How do very obese people have sex?
Update : i mean 2 really fat people how do they do it
Update 2: im talkin people so fat that they cant walk they gotta ride in those more
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  • Sami answered 5 years ago
Same As Anyone Else. Im Obese But Not Over 300 Or Anything. I Got No Problem With Sex Life haha

Edit. Well I Dont Know About That. Haha. Um, Tough Question. Use Wood To Hold Up The Flabs And Then Try To Get In. Oh And Have A Squad Close By Just Incase One Of Them Get Lost.

(Hate Being Mean About Really Big People. Im Big But I Can Walk, Run, Jog And Everything Else. Haha Take Care Dude On Finding Out How They Do It.

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i like big girls that aint too big so u get best answer
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  • Tracy Lynette answered 5 years ago
    Doggy Style
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  • you betta hump a moose...or else answered 5 years ago
    on family guy when peter and lois had fat sex lois was just on him and it went in
    im guessing the rolls are a vagina and the penis is still there
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  • ♥ Steff ♥ answered 5 years ago
    they find their way to do it.

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  • Tia J answered 5 years ago
    On the good side of being an overweight woman is the fact that overweight women seem to have a enhanced libido. The relationship between body mass index and sexual practices was the study of Dr. Bliss Kaneshiro and it opened some eyes in the health community. The study found that 92% of overweight women reported have sexual intercourse while only 87% of normal weight women reported having intercourse. The study was based on frequency of intercourse, sexual orientation, how old they were when they first had sex and the number of partners they have had.

    It was suggested by the study that overweight women get different messages from healthcare professionals about sexually transmitted afflictions and pregnancy than do the skinnier women. This different advice may influence their sexual activity.

    That is not to say that overweight women don't have their problems. Being overweight can lead to poor reproductive health, as well as high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, arthritis and even cancer. One of the major side effects of being overweight is the likelihood of ending up with diabetes.

    It is estimated that over 27% of women are overweight or obese. The Office of the Surgeon General has determined that there is twice as much of a problem with high blood pressure for obese women as opposed to their thinner counterparts. A kind of reverse fact is the 80% of women with diabetes were overweight of obese. If you think about that, did the diabetes hasten the weight problem or did the weight problem hasten the diabetes?

    When a woman is pregnant and overweight there are a number of consequences. Among them is the fact that overweight women tend to give birth to larger babies, thereby increasing the likelihood that the baby will be born via cesarean section. The problems for an obese mother are numerous during the gestational period. They are more likely to have gestational diabetes. Also the labor and delivery are problematic.


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  • cudmore2444 answered 5 years ago
    just jump on each other and start wobbling
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  • nope answered 5 years ago
    Peel their flabs apart and wiggle..... lather rinse & repeat, and you've got fat children too
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  • cupcake8million answered 5 years ago
    haha gross- they can't
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