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Who is your favorite character in Twilight?

I am sure this has been asked a million times before and I am sure I will get a bunch of immature twilight haters answering also but oh well. Like I said on my profile, I DON'T REPLY TO HATE COMMENTS/MAIL. SO ANYWAYS....

My favorite character is Alice because she is so bubbly and cute. I esp. love her in the movie! I think they did a great job on picking who was to play Alice. So who is your fav. character and why?


I agree with you 100% Atoli!!!

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    I love alice a lot because she never lets anything get to her and that's what i would want in a best friend and she is always there when you need her. Although she wasn't there when bella was hurting in New Moon that was edward fault. Though...

    i love Edward because he's so sweet and kind and would do anything for bella. it's amazing how nice and honest he is. He is everything i would want in a boyfriend.

    i love edward and alice the most because Bella whines to much.

    but they are all special in their own way and i love them all.

    they are all wonderful.

    But what can i say?

    They are the CULLENS!!!!

    team cullen

    Source(s): My twitastic self. If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all you twi-haters. Spare us all your whines and complaints and hatredness. thnx.
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    I love Alice..she is so like mysterious and stuff..

    2nd is probably Jasper, he is so hot 2 lol =]

    Then my third would be Edward, because he did a great job and he is hot..

    I really don't like Bella, she was like a weak character like Atoli said..

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    Alice is ma favorite. For some reason I hated Bella. She seemed like a weak character to me...

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    Edward-the obvious


    It's a tie between Edward, Bella and Alice

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    Alice, because she's so nice and kind and I think of her as being the perfect friend who can relate to everything and is supportive of decisions you make.

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    i completely agree with you about alice. i love who they picked for her for the movie. exactly right. she is just adorable, with her wind chime voice and everything. so she is probably my favorite character. i also like emmett, though, because he is hilarious, and he's always making fun of bella, which is funny.

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    cool i have to agree i would love to be alice everybody at my school says i remind them of her because i have a personality like hers and i like alice and they did do a very good job on picking out the chacter to play alice

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    Alice is cool, but I definitely like Bella best. She seems to be someone that a lot of people can identify, loner, pretty but not beautiful, a bit of a klutz and an imperfect home lie....yet she gets to live in this extraordinary's kind of like us regular folk get to live in it for a bit too.....

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    I love Alice. She is hilarious.

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    emmet for me, but i def love alice and edward.

    oh and bella.(i also think james is hot)

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