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Is Charlie Ward the Best Athlete ever (I'm serious)?

Charlie Ward...yes the former PG for the New York Knicks. Is the best Athlete ever.

-He won the Heisman Award in College (Best College Football player in the Nation).

-He was drafted by the Yankees to play Baseball in 1994 (chose not to play Baseball)

-And he was a 1st round pick in Basketball (he was no superstar, but thats still a great accomplishment).

I say Charlie Ward is the Best Athlete ever.


Bo Jackson was a Beast. But he wasn't a 3 sport athlete like Charlie Ward. Besides Bo was a Mediocre Baseball player, nothing special. Although he was a Monster when it comes to Football. And Jim Thorpe was wayy back then, the competition wasnt the same.

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    Bo Jackson is the only guy to ever play in a pro bowl and mlb all star game in the same his baseball skills weren't mediocre

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    Bo Jackson

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    I have only seen Ward playing basketball in New York , and he really was athletic.

    another thing that makes your case strong is the fact that Ward, an avid tennis player, also shined in the Arthur Ashe Amateur Tennis Tournament in 1994

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  • I think he is because look at his accomplishments. we all know he wasnt a superstar in the NBA but how many superstars can say they were decent in three sports. he is very underrated!

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    bo jackson, deion sanders, jim thorpe

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