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Need Help with my car audio system!!!! Please.....?


I have just set up speakers and head unit in my car but dont know how to get the best sound out of it...the setup is...

2 x jvc 160 watt 4" 2 ways in the frount dash

2 x Cadiance 5"x7" on the back dash

1 x JVC 350 watt RMS sub

The 5"x7"s are hooked up to the amp but it has the option for F.H.S with a frequency control or something, or the option for full, and has a gain control, what do i do???

The sub is also hooked to the amp and has FHS, LHS and FULL options, wtf? lol, and then FHS and LHS have their own frequency controls, and there is a gain control, and one that says, bass - 0db, 6db, or 12 db????

can anyone help me and recommend what some good amp settings would be fore this setup, if it made any sence...


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    Hate to tell you, but you never want to run sub-woofers and component speakers off of the same amplifier. You will never get the right sound out of any of them.

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