Anybody watch the Bad Girls Club on Oxygen?

i LOVE that show, and im SO glad Kacy is gone, but i dont want Tanisha to come back. she is gonna start SO MUCH crap...but i love this show even though its CONSTANT girl drama lol. anyone else?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    K.C was a drama queen and in my opinion Amber kicked her butt. I am so glad she is gone. I think Tanisha will be ok. She wasn't really mean to everyone in the house. She did get along with everyone (minus Jennavicia) at the end. Also, I believe she has slightly reformed and could probably help a couple of girls. I also think that Boston is an attention seeker. She made a big deal about K.C. statements about her brother. She keeps emphasizing that she is from Boston. I am sure she doesn't represent everyone in Boston. Like people in Boston are loud emotionless people who are to tough to cry. I don't think so!

  • keef
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    1 decade ago

    Tanisha was my favorite..... But i hope she doesn't start **** because that will show that she really didn't change.... And i don't see tanisha fitting in with these girls... she fitted in with season 2 girls better... Like when i see tanisha i will think, where's neeven andd where's hanna??? But i'm not really feeling this season dat much... Kayla just had a big mouth... Short amber shouldn't have been there... Big amber shouldn't be there because she isn't a bad girl talking bout she gunna call the police.. Ailea just start **** so she shouldn't be there.. And Sarah is so damn boring and jealous... And tiffany is kinda ok becaue she is only a bad girl when she needs to be... she always breaking up fights... So in my opinion, Boston is the only one that should be there

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I enjoy the show too and I am glad that Kacy is gone.It's kind of funny that she was so big and bad and the small white girl was able to take her even though she got a lot of scratches.

    I am kind of glad to see Tanisha join them.WIth her season she was crazy but then started to change.So maybe she wont be too bad on this season.I found her to be funny at times especially when she wasn't harassing people.So I'm looking forward to her on the show.Just hope not to hear "Pop Off!!! every

  • 1 decade ago

    yeah! i love that show too! Tanisha was my fav!

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